Pressure is on: Activists push Congress extra hard to support new legislation that will restore net neutrality

"Now we need to push lawmakers extra hard to support the new legislation before the lobbyists get to them."

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House Democrats are poised to introduce a new bill that will restore net neutrality protections that were repealed by the FCC if passed. In a renewed congressional effort to restore net neutrality since the Senate passed the Congressional Review Act (CRA), but failed in the House, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made the announcement on Tuesday.

Activists “credited the public for keeping the issue near the top of the party’s list of priorities,” Common Dreams reported.

“This is huge,” Josh Tabish of Fight for the Future, one of the organizations leading the pressure campaign, said in an email.

“Because of grassroots activism, lawmakers are making the restoration of net neutrality a top priority this Congress,” Demand Advocacy said on Twitter. “Activists have kept this issue alive and have refused, flat out, to give Big Cable lobbyists a win – let’s keep making noise until protections are 100 percent restored!”

But advocacy groups also warned that “telecom lobbyists are gearing up to swarm Capitol Hill.”

“Now we need to push lawmakers extra hard to support the new legislation before the lobbyists get to them,” Tabish said.

And these groups are urging Americans to not let up and continue to pressure Congress through phone calls and emails showing support for the new legislation, Save the Internet Act.

While the introduction of Save the Internet is said to come today, the details of the House bill have yet to be revealed, but it’s “expected to 100 percent completely overturn Ajit Pai’s disastrous repeal if passed” and restore net neutrality unlike the various bills introduced by Republicans this year, Fight for the Future said.

“Time to keep up the pressure!” the Center for Media Justice said on Twitter.


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