Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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The decline and fall of presidential America

Have a we entered a deeply bump-stocked defeat culture?

Dear Democrats—change the message! Please!

Ideally this can be resolved by the Democrats engaging in focused strategic and tactical consideration with one over-riding goal: How to retain the White House and Senate and win back the House.

Majority of Democrats urge Biden to withdraw amid mental fitness concerns...

This sentiment is particularly strong among younger voters, posing a significant challenge to Biden’s campaign as crucial deadlines approach.

The imperative to reduce the chances of a Trump victory

Until the Democratic Party officially nominates its presidential candidate, the push for Biden to withdraw from the ticket should continue.

Two-thirds of Americans, including majority of Biden supporters, urge President to...

New poll reveals widespread belief that Biden should step aside, as Democrats consider alternatives.

What do voters want?  

When voters in democratic states decide, democratically, that they’ve had enough of democracy, it’s not just throwing away a vote, it’s throwing away the vote.

Mr. President, defiant denialism violates the ultimate political commandment: Win with...

How much insight is needed to project the frailty of the last many months into an electoral NO on any four year bet?

Here’s how the Democrats can reverse the terrible Supreme Court immunity...

This Supreme Court, once highly regarded and esteemed, has now become a rogue court taking its orders from Trump and the Republican Party. The time to reverse this terrible immunity ruling is now.

Hold the panic—Two positive Dem scenarios emerge from the Biden debate...

Either Biden reassures voters that exposed defects won’t impair four more years in power – or approval numbers plunge and he withdraws, thus opening the field.

When US officials show you who they are, believe them

"When someone shows you who they are,” Maya Angelou said, “believe them the first time."


What’s worse than a devouring, criminal president? A deified, raging outlaw excited by violence

Trumpism is not a slippery slope but a mountain avalanche on steroids.

EPA’s $4.3 billion initiative to combat climate pollution across 30 states

The EPA’s announcement of $4.3 billion in funding for 25 projects aims to address climate pollution and advance environmental justice across 30 states, marking a significant step in the fight against climate change.

Outrage and calls for justice after Sonya Massey’s fatal shooting by police in Illinois

Campaigners and political leaders across the United States respond with outrage and calls for justice after the release of body camera footage showing the deadly police shooting of Sonya Massey, an unarmed 36-year-old Black woman from Springfield, Illinois.

Can humanity repair its relationship with nature? Weaving Earth Education Center offers a promising...

This all-ages education center reminds us that “we are a part of this earth, not apart from it.”

Biden withdraws from 2024 race, endorses Kamala Harris for historic nomination

In a historic move, President Joe Biden announces his withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race, endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris and reshaping the Democratic primary landscape.