Trump’s lament: ‘And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain’

It’s even more evidence that America badly needs a president who can keep his head on straight.

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Yes, the end is near for Mr. Trump and he faces the final curtain, the last days of his sordid presidency. And, yes, he did it his way and now he is going to have to pay the price for putting himself and his own objectives ahead of those of the country he was supposed to lead into the future.

The past two years or more have been like an ongoing nightmare for Americans as this unfit president has done everything in his power to take this country in the wrong direction, one that has created nothing but chaos. But, sometimes, miracles do happen and that’s what seems is going on right before our eyes, as his path out of office lies before him.

Before we get into the issue of Trump’s quite obvious commission of obstruction of justice let’s discuss that part of the Mueller report which is of paramount importance to the safety and security of this country; but which has, for some odd reason, not been given anywhere near the proper attention it should have.

Trump and members of his administration were aware from continuous U.S. intelligence briefings that Russia was trying to hack into and interfere with the U.S. election system. And they did nothing. Then, later, the Russians succeeded. Trump and company should have sounded the alarms, mobilizing the FBI and the CIA into swift action.

That didn’t happen and, to this day, they have not put forth any plan to make certain this invasion into our democracy is never allowed to happen again. And, as bad as that is, here’s something more that really smells. Republicans in Congress have been well aware that Trump has no intention of doing anything to prevent such future attacks by Russians. But they will continue to remain silent and subservient to him.

Now, relative to the matter of obstruction, the evidence could not be more clear that Trump did, in fact, obstruct justice time and time again. Where is the proof? All one has to do is to look at the great many videos and tweets, and listen to endless audios in which Trump referred to Mueller’s investigation as a witch hunt, a hoax, and nothing more than an attempt to bring him down. That is obstruction.

There is plenty of debate taking place about what Democrats should do now that they have the redacted Mueller report. Some say they should keep impeachment on the table while continuing to gather more evidence. The Judiciary Committee has already demanded a fully underacted report.

The key individuals who should be the first ones to be interviewed are Mueller, Barr, the president’s former lawyer Don McGahn, and any number of key individuals named in the report. And then Democrats should see what they have in total before deciding whether to impeach or not.

It they come up with concrete, irrefutable evidence that leaves no doubt whatsoever that Trump committed obstruction then what next? They have to consider the very likely outcome in which they launch the impeachment process and then it would totally fail in the Senate. That would happen as every Republican, regardless of the facts or positive proof, would refuse to accept it and “stand by their man” until the end. Could they take such a chance?

So the question of impeachment or not is a huge dilemma that will require some really deep thought on the part of Democrats. It may be an impossible option because those “mind-conditioned”, robotic type members of the GOP who have seen trump committing one case of obstruction after another, will not adhere to their Constitutional responsibilities.

The Democratic candidates for president in the 2020 elections should not fall into the trap of concentrating on trying to denigrate Trump but, rather, stay with the key issues that are of the greatest concern to the American people.

If House Democrats go about this in the right way it will be a slam dunk for America and its people. But if they somehow manage to foul up the effort and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory it will be a win-win for Trump and could propel him to victory in 2020. That cannot, that must not, be allowed to happen.

It will be very interesting to hear Don McGahn’s testimony about how Trump put immense pressure on him to try to force Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to fire Mueller. McGahn indicated that he would resign rather than follow that order. When McGahn appears before Congress what he says could be the deciding factor in the investigation of this rogue, unlawful president.

Suddenly something new has recently entered this scenario. Trump has come up with yet another tactic to try to impede what Congress is about to do when certain individuals are scheduled to appear before House committees. He has, as his fear and frustration has significantly increased, decided to start a war against Democrats by instructing all potential witnesses to refuse to respond to subpoenas sent to them.

How ignorant can he be? He just started a war that he can’t possibly win. All he is doing is creating new evidence of obstruction of justice. What should Democrats do relative to this threat to block the testimony of witnesses coming from Trump? They should call his bluff since he may, when thus challenged, just back off; and it’s highly likely that his lawyers will tell him that this would be another case of obstruction.

And let me add one more thing that technically is not related to impeachment but in my view it should be. I just saw this on T.V. Trump, in a tweet after Joe Biden had announced he was a candidate for the presidency in 2020, said this: “It will be nasty – you will be dealing with people who truly have some sick and demented ideas.”

Sick and demented? And this is coming from someone who has continually shown signs of deep emotional problems, who often has been described by the media as being mentally unstable. Is this the pot calling the kettle black or what? Well, it’s even more evidence that America badly needs a president who can keep his head on straight.

For those who have been closely observing what has been going on and Mr. Trump’s continuous efforts to bend, twist, and dismiss the rule of law in America, they are aware that he has definite designs to establish an autocratic government in this country with himself as its head.

While he will, in every way possible, continue to attempt to make that very dark objective, his dream, still come true, in his heart he knows that the end is very near and he must now face his final curtain.


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