With US support, Venezuelan opposition launch a coup in latest attempt to oust Maduro

"There are many in Venezuela who would hope for change in their country, but they don’t want a U.S.-backed regime in place."

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Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó says a coup is underway in Caracas. Guaidó appeared this morning, in a video posted online, standing among heavily armed soldiers, proclaiming he is “starting the final phase of Operation Liberty.” He appeared alongside formerly jailed opposition leader Leopoldo López, who said he’d been freed from house arrest by military officers loyal to the opposition. Venezuela’s defense minister said the government of Nicolás Maduro remains in control and that military units reported “normality” at barracks and bases across Venezuela. We speak to attorney Eva Golinger, who who served as an adviser to former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.


  • Eva Golingerattorney and former adviser to former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. Her new book is Confidante of ‘Tyrants’: The American Woman Trusted by the US’s Biggest Enemies.


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