Spineless, craven Republicans and Trump sow the seeds of hate that proliferate mass shootings

Only if the people of America rise en masse and demand that these corrupted politicians put an end to this madness, will this situation come under control.


There is a darkness hanging over America, a symbol of the hatred that has spawned a plague of mass shootings across this country. It’s an infectious disease that could be treated successfully with the proper cures, but this president and Republicans block every attempt to do so.

D.J. Trump, aka, the Prince of Darkness, is in control of this government and this country, and his #1 objective is to spread his agenda of hatred across this country. It’s designed to establish deep divisions within this society. He uses the strategy of “Divide and Conquer”, defined as “to gain or maintain power by generating tension among others, especially those less powerful so that they cannot unite in opposition.”

He cares not about the carnage and the suffering mass shootings are causing. He keeps fanning the flames of hatred that are escalating the incidences of these horrific acts. The more mass shootings that take place in America the more people will lapse into a state of fear and anxiety.

That is quite frightening is that we are seeing a growing amount of paranoia in this society as people are reacting with great fear when they hear something that sounds like gunfire. Just recently, in Times Square, NY, we witnessed huge numbers of people running for their lives. They panicked when they heard what they believed to be gunshots. There were no gunshots or danger in that what they heard was a motorcycle backfiring.

As Americans continue to watch as this succession of mass shootings unfolds in America, especially after the latest ones in Gilroy, CA, El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, their fear and anxiety are mounting. They realize that there is nowhere in this country that they can go without being possible targets of someone using powerful firearms, including military-style assault weapons.

People in other nations are aghast at what they see happening in our country, they are in a state of disbelief as these ongoing mass shootings continue, and the fact that the US government is doing absolutely nothing to bring this situation under control. They say, “What in the world is happening in and to that country and its people?”

Americans slaughtering their fellow Americans. The US military has been spending trillions of dollars all across the world to maintain a military empire like no other in world history and has been fighting foreign terrorists that it says threaten America. But this threat from foreign terrorists is nothing compared to the massive threat that this country’s domestic terrorists pose. And, what is incomprehensible is that this government is spending almost nothing to combat the terrorists on American soil.

How many more mass shootings must happen, how many more Americans must be gunned down, how much more blood must be shed, before this miserable excuse for a president and these gutter-minded Republicans do what the huge majority of the people of this country want them to do?

What could not be more clear is that the America government has never attempted to control the number of firearms that are allowed to be produced by gun manufacturers. The gun industry decides how many guns it will manufacture and sell, including assault weapons and huge ammunition magazines.

That’s not the case in the other 31 developed nations – only in America. And that’s why this country now has something like 340 million firearms of various types, including millions of assault weapons, within its population. That’s more guns than people in America and that’s a sad commentary on this nation.

These Republican Trump puppets are low-level politicians who do not pledge allegiance to this country or its people that pay them huge annual salaries for doing nothing constructive. They pledge allegiance to those who fill their campaign coffers with dark money.

These mass shootings are turning America into a giant shooting gallery with normal, peaceful American adults and children as the targets.

Have the Republicans and Trump done anything constructive to even try to find the ways to stop this madness that is engulfing our country? Not a thing, and every time there is a mass shooting, all they do is look the other way and develop new ways to see that the NRA and the gun industry is not blamed.

Depraved Republicans have sold their souls to the NRA and the gun manufacturers. Even after the horrific mass shootings in Sandy Hook, CT, Las Vegas, NV, and Parkland, FL, they have refused to do anything whatsoever to deal with this monumental problem.

We have a president who, since he took office, has fueled the fires of hatred and dissension. He has sown the seeds of this hatred and now is reaping the results; the spreading of extreme fear and great anxiety across this society. The children of America, as they leave for school, have this fear that they can be gunned down at any given time. Just think about how this is having a huge negative effect on their ability to learn.

Here’s what needs to be done: Identify the Republicans who receive the most money from the NRA and the gun lobby. Then have some element of the Democratic Party or some independent organization obtain pictures of each of them, and then create a Republican Rogue’s Gallery.

This gallery should be used in the 2020 election campaigns around the country to point out to the American people the Republicans who are working for the NRA, and the gun manufacturers, and refuse to work for the American people. The objective will be to have as many as possible defeated in the next several elections. It will be a way of decontaminating Congress. Make these do-nothings political pariahs.

Here is an article from businessinsider.com that lists members of Congress who have received the largest NRA donations in recent times.

Whether we realize it or not, or want to admit it, this out of control gun problem is the greatest one currently in America. It and Trump’s overall agenda of hatred are tearing apart the fabric of this country. It is generating high levels of stress and great fear in this society and if we do not see this government make this its #1 priority, and soon, this situation will become irreversible.

Only if the people of America rise en masse and demand that these corrupted politicians put an end to this madness, will this situation come under control. As Bernie Sanders has said, what we need to see in America is a Peoples’ Revolution.


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