As U.S. children head back to school, sales of bulletproof backpacks skyrocket

A child’s back-to-school shopping list should not include a bulletproof backpack.


Sales of bulletproof backpacks have gone up 300% recently as parents prepare their kids to go back to school. With the latest mass shootings on everyone’s minds, parents are being extra cautious, but at such a cynical cost. 

“We always see spikes in sales in the days or weeks after shootings. Our demographic is parents with kids…It’s a real morbid niche,” Steve Naremore, CEO of Houston-based TuffyPacks said. 

These bulletproof backpacks are made with the same material as police body armor. They are selling to parents for $100 to $500. 

The very fact that bulletproof backpacks are even in existence, forces families to confront such a horrible reality. There are now active shooter drills in schools, teachers have to take extra training and precautions to prepare, and some schools have teachers carrying firearms in their classrooms. 


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