Toy company Hasbro to ditch plastic packaging

The toy company that produces the games Monopoly, Scrabble, and operation has pledged to discontinue plastic packaging by 2022.


The Rhode-Island based toy manufacturer, Hasbro has just announced it will begin the process of eliminating plastic packaging from their products in 2020 and hope to have a complete redo in packaging by 2022. 

“We know consumers share our commitment to protecting the environment, and we want families to feel good knowing that our packaging will be virtually plastic-free, and our products can be easily recycled through our Toy Recycling Program with TerraCycle,” says Hasbro President and COO John Frascotti. 

While the packaging will move away from plastic usage, the products themselves will still use plastic. The toy houses in Monopoly, Mr. Potato Head and his parts, etc will all still be made with plastic. The company does promise, however, to recycle any toy someone mails back into them. 

“Before plastic came around people found ways to make and display products and its really just up to our ingenuity to find ways commercially appealing ways to do that going forward,” claims Frascotti. 

According to Forbes, this announcement “is part of a decade-long effort to reduce the environmental impact of its products.” 


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