Bring on ideas

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a president who would communicate with the voters?


Tulsi Gabbard has been blocked from the September debates.  She needs help. Bernie Sanders is fighting the corrupt media, day and night.  He needs help. How can we help them?

Yes, we can donate.  But even more so, we can donate ideas that might help their campaigns.  And if they take our ideas and use them, we shall feel closer to them and work harder for them.

Maybe you have an idea that will get them to be more open to suggestions from their followers.  It’s no use being a leader if you really don’t have active followers. What does Bernie always say?  “Not me. Us.” Well, if it’s us, then let us give you their ideas.

It wouldn’t be too difficult.  Find a volunteer or two with good power to think, and send them copies of the suggestion letters you receive.  They can sort out the silly and stupid ones and send back to you the ones that really might have meaning in your campaign.   And you could post that idea on your website, with something like, “I got this idea from Jane in Montana . . . .” You can explain it and tell us how you’re going to use it.  Jane would feel great, and she’d tell all her friends. And the rest of us would know that you really are listening.

And when you become President, you could go down the same road.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a president who would communicate with the voters?  Who would represent them not just in word, but in deed?


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