The American people will impeach the Republican Party and its members

Based on their record, what they say and what most of them refuse to do, the vow they made has become meaningless.


House Democrats remain in a state of confusion about whether or not they should impeach President Trump. “Should we, can we, yes we can, no we can’t. Speaker Pelosi continues to waffle, saying that the American people are not strongly behind such action, and the polls back up her observations. But she doesn’t seem to understand that, by her negative statements about the chances of initiating an impeachment, she is adding to their reluctance to call for it. 

Let’s take a closer look at those polls to better understand who is for and who is not for impeachment. Most polls indicate that 72% of Democratic supporters back it. 39% of independents do, while only 8 percent of Republicans agree. It’s important to note that up to 61% of independents, a very important segment of voters, are not yet for it. 

Most Americans are hesitant because they feel that Senate Republicans will not vote in favor of it and that it will only serve to improve Trump’s chances of reelection. While the majority do not favor impeachment polls also indicate that they, most definitely, want to have him removed from office; that’s also true of Republicans commonly referred to as “never Trumpers.” 

So, while the official House impeachment process is still on the table, let’s take a look at another, alternative form of impeachment. Americans have watched Republicans accomplish nothing of substance, act as no more than obstructionists, and constantly bend to the dictates of Trump. Enough is enough and now it is time for Americans to use their own form of impeachment against the Republican Party and its members, taking them down in the 2020 and subsequent elections. 

Americans, as they initiate this process, face no such obstacle as Republica obstructive power and that’s why they can and will do what Democrats in Congress are unable to. But, here’s what they can do to greatly assist the people in removing this totally unfit president from the Oval Office.

The Judiciary Committee has taken steps to open a formal Impeachment inquiry which will open the door to strengthening and expanding its investigative powers. It will also expedite court decisions on such things as the committee’s need to negate Trump’s attempts to prevent key witnesses such as Don McGahn from testifying. 

The committee will use the Mueller report to clearly identify the many instances of Trump’s obstruction of justice and then it will work to gather far more evidence of his payoffs to silence Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, the many times that Trump associates had contacts with Russians, relative to his tax returns, as well as his violations of the Emoluments Clause; and who knows what else? 

When the committee presents its conclusions Trump might as well resign and head out of Washington because he will be portrayed as the most corrupted of all US presidents. It will be crystal clear that he committed high crimes and misdemeanors. Then there will be no question but that the vast majority of Americans will understand that he must go.

At that point, a very important decision will have to be made relative to going ahead with formal impeachment or, instead, let the American people take it from there. I have this feeling that they will do the latter. 

Since Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors are already part of the public record let’s now lay down the articles of impeachment that the people of America need to bring against the Republican Party and its members

1. Republicans, based on Trump’s complete control over them, refuse to do the will of the American people and what is right for this country. In so many cases where the vast majority of the people want certain things done, such as improving the healthcare system, taking action to bring the mass shooting epidemic under control, or addressing the climate change issue, the Republicans simply refuse to do anything to even address them. 

2. Republicans watch as this rogue president continues to rip and tear at the foundations of America and do nothing to try to stop him. They are failing to carry out their responsibilities under the Constitution to challenge what he does. They just keep following his dictates like meek little lambs.

3. They also refuse to adhere to the principles of ethics and morality in doing their jobs. Trump and Republicans, instead of working to provide healthcare for all Americans, tried very hard to eliminate Obamacare and take medical coverage away from some 30 million Americans, with no plan to replace it with a better system. That is reprehensible.

4. Senate Majority Leader McConnell has deliberately prevented key Democratic-initiated legislation to deal with mass shootings to come up for a Senate vote. Here we have a dictator in the Senate who rules with an iron fist and refuses to allow critically important votes on critically important legislation unless the president gives him the ok. This cannot continue to be tolerated in our democracy.

5. McConnell has also refused to bring legislation to a vote which would make important changes to election systems in various states to prevent further Russian interference. He, by this refusal to deal with a direct threat by Putin to poison our election system, is aiding and abetting the Russians. That is why he is now being called “Moscow Mitch.”

6. It could not be more evident that this president is interfering with the Constitutional powers of the Senate as he obstructs the House Judiciary Committee’s attempts to bring key witnesses in for questioning. He blocks its subpoenas to witnesses and that doesn’t allow this committee to carry out its Constitutional responsibilities. That is clearly obstruction of justice but Republicans say and do nothing. 

The last reason for this peoples’ impeachment can be found in this part of these Republicans’ oaths of office which states “and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.” 

That term, “so help me God” is generally defined as saying that “I so pledge and vow in God’s name.” That’s what they vow as they enter Congress. And then what happens next in the case of most of them? They refuse to faithfully discharge the duties of the office.

Based on their record, what they say and what most of them refuse to do, the vow they made has become meaningless, and that is why the people of this country must impeach them, as well as their president.


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