Trump’s requiem: “And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain”

What we have here is a president who has brought about his own demise, bringing impeachment down upon himself.


I wrote this article about the end of the Trump presidency earlier this year. Now, based on the stunning revelations that have surfaced about his highly troubling conversation with the president of Ukraine, we will soon be watching as Trump “faces his final curtain.”

Trump came out of nowhere in 2016 and captured the presidency of this country in an astounding defeat of the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. And since then, based on his twisted policies, actions, and bizarre behavior, we might say that this country has been turned upside down and inside out. 

Right now he is on the verge of imploding as the possibility of impeachment hangs over him. He has turned into his own enemy, providing those in the House Intelligence Committee with damning evidence of his own wrongdoings, i.e., he is shooting himself in the foot. 

Instead of putting the interests of this country and its people above all others, he put his own at the top of his priorities. He said he was going to “make America great again” but then he did everything in his power to create massive divisions in America. 

He operated in line with the old saying, “Divide and conquer.” And, now we see that it failed completely, it backfired. 

The Mueller investigation was a long and tedious process, so lengthy that most politicians and Americans didn’t even read his report; one that Mueller interpreted before a House Committee so very badly that it came across as of little value. 

In contrast to the slog of the Mueller report, the upcoming House impeachment inquiry will be lighting fast and will concentrate on two or, perhaps more, main issues involving reasons for impeachment. 

The main evidence against him will be his phone conversation(s) with the president of Ukraine and, quite possibly, other nations’ leaders. No doubt, another will be his ongoing attempts to continually obstruct the House Intelligence Committee’s investigations. Also, it could be his attempts to find out the whistleblower’s identity, together with his ominous threats against this individual. Whistleblower intimidation is definitely an impeachable offense.

The spineless, cowardly Republican politicians, unless they do a 180-degree turn and stop trying to protect this president for his obvious crimes will face a trial by the American people in the 2020 elections and they will, without any question, be found guilty as charged. This will be the beginning of the end for the Republican Party. 

Trump was fully aware of the Russian hacking in 2016 that was designed to interfere with our election system and, purposely, refused to do a thing to prevent it in the future. Now he has been caught working with a foreign government to find ways to discredit Joe Biden, his likely opponent in 2020. 

We may or may not see more whistleblowers come out and provide new evidence against Trump, but it’s quite likely that we will see numerous leaks from unknown sources. Also, look for more resignations of those who have had enough of this sordid Trump presidency and who will try to go into hiding. The Washington DC revolving door will be very busy. 

We know that Trump and company are masters of the art of obstruction and there is some talk about the possibility that Moscow Mitch O’Connell could refuse to let an impeachment from the House to even be addressed in the Senate, thereby effectively killing the process. But, now we are hearing that he said he won’t because of Senate rules covering impeachment. 

 We’ll see if the Democrats can obtain other audio recordings of Trump and other foreign leaders in which he abused the powers of the presidency. If so, then his impeachment will be a slam dunk, the ball game will be over and done. So stay tuned.

What we have here is a president who, because of his penchant for speaking out in such reckless, thoughtless ways, when it would have been prudent to just remain quiet and under control, has brought about his own demise, bringing impeachment down upon himself. Now, as the curtain begins to come down here is an appropriate requiem for Trump: 

“To think I did all that (committed acts calling for impeachment) 

And may I say – not in a shy way 

Oh no, oh no, not me 

I did it my way.” 


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