The official lies told about JFK’s death prove that the people no longer own the government

The assassination of President Kennedy, 56 years ago, was a coup d’etat that was hidden from us, until the truth has slowly emerged.


Let us think back to the year 1960 and compare those times to our own.  The previous eight years under Eisenhower were, in America, years of relative peace and prosperity.  The Korean War ended in 1953. There was the continuing fear of nuclear destruction and war with the Soviet Union, but we were not actually involved in warfare until 1964 when we sent troops to Vietnam.  And then in the 60s came a string of assassinations: President Kennedy (1963), Malcolm X ( 1965), Martin Luther King (1968), and Bobby Kennedy (1968). The two Kennedy assassinations have never been satisfactorily explained.

Since that bloody decade, our world has become stranger and stranger, leading to the 9/11 explosions at the World Trade Center (2000) and a period of interminable war.  But the assassination of President Kennedy, 56 years ago, was a coup d’etat that was hidden from us, until the truth has slowly emerged.

The central question surrounding the Kennedy assassination is whether it was really planned and carried out by a lone gunman (Lee Harvey Oswald) or rather if it was planned and carried out by a larger group.  At this point, I think we know that there were too many events that have gone unexplained and point to the existence of the larger group.

Most of the focus has been on the assassination itself, and whether there were more than one gunman.  But a few experts have examined what happened after the President’s body was taken from the hospital where he died to the place of autopsy.  And this latter examination tells us that there were really many people involved in the assassination.

After he died, the President’s body was placed on sheets in a beautiful brass casket.  This is the official story, and it is confirmed in The JFK Files: The Murder of a President by The Fifth Estate, a Canadian reporting company. In the film, Aubrey Reich (or Rike), a Parkland orderly, states that he wrapped the body in a sheet (causing his shirt to get all bloody).  He put the body in the casket, and the casket was moved to the airport and put on a plane to Bethesda, Maryland.

Dennis David, a naval officer, saw the casket arrive at the place where the autopsy would take place.  In a film made in 1983, he said the casket was a plain gray casket, similar to hundreds received from Vietnam

In that same film, Paul O’Connor, a medical technician, stated that he opened the gray casket and removed the body, which was inside a gray body bag.

The film said that doctors at the Parkland Hospital in Texas reported that the President’s head was mostly intact.  But O’Connor and Gerald Carter, an X-ray technician, said that the head contained no brain. On the other hand, the final autopsy report said that the brain was almost complete.

O’Connor was quoted elsewhere as follows:

“Number one, as I said before, the wound was so massive inside of his head there was hardly any brain matter left. There was no brain really. There was no brain really for us, for myself, to take out. There was no need for me to open up the cranium because the cranium was completely shattered. When I say “shattered,” not only was the brain blown open, where nothing was left, but the rest of the cranium – the skull cap – was totally fractured. By “totally fractured,” I mean it was comminuted. Comminution means if you took a hard-boiled egg and dropped it on the floor, there are hundreds of fractures in the shell and that’s the way the president’s skull was. It was just malleable – moved back and forth – and what was left of the cranium was completely shattered. His right eye, as I remember, was poked completely out of the orbit, the eye casing. I remember that Dr. Boswell and I looked into the back of the cranium, looking towards the front, and the orbit-the bony casing around where the eye sits was completely fractured.” 

O’Connor stated further as follows:

“After that, we looked at the head wound and found that there were no bullets in the cranium. Minute fragments were scattered through the bone area of the cranium front and back. I remember distinctly because, having worked in funeral homes since I was thirteen years old, I had seen bullet wounds before, and also I served in Vietnam and saw bullet wounds there. It looked to me like a bomb had exploded inside his brain and blew out the whole side of his head. I’ve never seen a more horrendous destruction of the cranium, unless it was done by a very high caliber weapon. I found out later that it was done by a Mannlicher Carcano – a cheap Italian rifle – just about what I would call a thirty caliber or a thirty-thirty caliber rifle.

Law: In your opinion is it capable of doing that kind of damage?

O’Connor: Absolutely not.” 

Finally, O’Connor had this to say:

“O’Connor: Aubrey Rike. He was an ambulance driver for the O’Neal Funeral Home. They were at Parkland at the time the body was brought in and they were told to call Mr. O’Neal at the Funeral Home and have him bring his best, most expensive, casket to Parkland Hospital, post haste. When they got it there, Aubrey Rike told me they put him in a bed liner. Now a bed liner is something that goes over a bed-it’s a plastic covering that keeps bodily fluids from bleeding into the mattress. It’s not a body bag. A body bag is a bag that a body is put into and zipped from the head to the toe. He was wrapped in sheets around his chest and his torso, and when we received him he was not in a bed liner. He was in a body bag, but nothing wrapped around his torso. It was an unclothed body. The only thing on his body was a bloody sheet around his head. So that was another thing that was extremely disturbing to hear about.

Law: Flow did that make you feel?

O’Connor: That somebody somewhere high up in government – it had to be the government – was concealing evidence, vital evidence, from the American public about what actually transpired between Parkland and Bethesda.”

The testimony of these workers at the various hospitals shows that the President’s body was wrapped in a white sheet and placed in a brass casket in Texas.  However, when it arrived in Maryland, it had been shifted to an entirely different casket and placed in a body bag. There was really no reason for this to happen unless someone had done some sort of medical alteration on the plane.  The testimony by the Texas doctors was that the head was more or less intact in Texas, but there was no brain in the skull when it arrived in Maryland. But the final autopsy report was that the brain was mostly intact. This seems to show that work had been done on the plane, removing the brain, and then other work was done in Maryland, putting it back.

What would be the point of all this work?  Oswald had fired from behind the President.  Therefore, his bullets would have entered from the rear.  But if an examination would show a bullet entering from the front, that would immediately have shown that Oswald was not a “lone gunman.”  There would have been no point in all of the changes in caskets except to achieve a cover-up. There is no official admission that the body was moved to different caskets.

It is worth mentioning that there is a lengthy study, asserting that there was a top-secret second autopsy of the President’s body. Obviously, if this were true, that just compounds the conclusion that a cover-up took place.

Finally, in one of the pictures of the President at the morgue, he is lying, both eyes wide open.  But O’Connor said, “His right eye, as I remember, was poked completely out of the orbit, the eye casing.” So how did the eye get back into place?

President Trump has moved the date at which the remaining documents relating to assassination will be released from secrecy to 2021.  There would seem no reason to continue the secrecy except to protect the government from proof that it was instrumental in the President’s death.

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