1-2 Punch: Ignore Senate Republicans; let Americans impeach Trump

Initiating an impeachment must be done but it must be done by the American people.


Democrats need to deliver a one-two punch, using an effective strategy to knock Trump out of office. First, they need to gather more damning, incriminating evidence against him and, secondly, let the American people take it from there by impeaching this woeful president in the 2020 elections. 

The main question for Democrats has been: would their best move be to launch a formal impeachment in the House and then submit it to the Senate where the chances of Republicans voting to impeach are somewhere between zero to none? They should get that thought totally out of their minds.

 Initiating an impeachment must be done but it must be done by the American people. While the normal way of doing it is to go through a Senate vote these are not normal times and the Senate Republicans are, most certainly, not what one would call normal. 

Democrats need to continue to gather more concrete, irrefutable evidence so that there will be no way that Trump can escape, that justice will be served. Whether that convinces Republicans to finally wake up and do what is right for their country doesn’t matter anymore, but what matters is that it has a huge impact on the American people. 

There is a debate going on about how many articles of impeachment should be included. Some say to simply concentrate on charging Trump with abuse of power in the Ukranian matter. However, that could prove to be less than convincing to many Americans and, so, Democrats have to make a far more solid case by adding two more articles.

The second article should be Trump’s obvious obstruction of justice by blocking the testimony of key witnesses before various House committees. Trump is also indicating that he will not provide documents requested by the various committees. Stonewalling, blocking, this inquiry process is an impeachable offense. 

The next and final article of impeachment should be his verbal attacks on the whistleblower and his Intelligence associates who exposed his abuse of power in the Ukraine telephone conversation; also his threats against them. This kind of behavior by an American president cannot, must not be tolerated.

The American people must listen to and understand the warnings that have been issued about the great danger of America and its people coming under the rule of an authoritarian government. 

That’s almost a certainty if Trump is reelected. For anyone who disputes that possibility, they need to think deeply about what Trump recently said about the power that Article 2 of the Constitution gives him. He said: 

“Then I have an Article 2, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president.” Also, “Article 2 allows me to do whatever I want. Article 2 would have allowed me to have complete power; that, in effect, are the words of an authoritarian, aka, a dictator.

 Article 2 gives him no such power. In the first sentence. It states “The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.” It doesn’t say total power. And it clearly states that “He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate” to carry out various presidential functions. 

So his deliberate misinterpretation of Article 2 is just one more attempt on his part to exercise his power over this Congress. 

A second whistleblower has now come forward who, quite possibly, will provide more evidence against Trump. The White House is in a state of turmoil and we could see a multitude of leaks being given to various news outlets. 

Democrats, as soon as possible, certainly by Thanksgiving, should end their impeachment inquiry and then hold a major press conference in which all their findings and associated evidence is presented to the media and the American people.

Speaker Pelosi would be the main presenter and would announce that a formal impeachment of Trump will be initiated, but it will not be submitted to the Senate. Instead, it will be submitted to the American people. They will be given the responsibility to act as judge and jury in the 2020 elections. And, when that happens, look for Trump to be guilty as charged. 

The long arms of the rule of law are wrapping themselves around this rogue president and it won’t be long before justice will be served. 


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