New York becomes third state to ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos

This move could help protect children, agricultural workers, and the environment.


New York State will ban the neurotoxic pastiche, chlorpyrifos in their agricultural operations. The pesticide, even at low doses, has been linked to brain and behavioral damage in children. 

According to Human Rights Watch, research has shown chlorpyrifos to be particularly harmful to human health. Prenatal exposure has been linked to autism spectrum disorder, reduced IQ, and a range of disabilities in learning, memory, and attention in children. In adults, it has been linked to cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

There is to be an immediate ban on aerial uses of the pesticide apart from the spraying of apple trees. An overall ban will soon follow by the end of 2020. 

The bill was first introduced in April 2019 but New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had vetoed the bill on December 10th and decided to mandate new regulations instead. 

According to Common Dreams, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has directed the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation to take immediate steps to phase out all aerial applications of chlorpyrifos for all uses, except spraying apple tree trunks, by December 2020. All uses of the pesticide will be banned by 2021.

California and Hawaii have already taken the steps to ban this pesticide making New York the third state to do so. The European Union is also taking measures to stop the use of chlorpyrifos. 


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