Banana Amerika: The Fix Is In!!!

Here is my conspiracy theory: The empire that controls both political parties did not want Sanders to be the nominee.


This writer has watched countless boxing matches over the years, and has seen how in many instances ‘The Fix is in’. The powers that be want a certain prospect to move up the ranks, they ‘Fix’ it. With boxing, all you needed was two judges and maybe the referee, and wallah, your guy wins. It was on  March 13th, 1963, when heavyweight prospect Cassius Clay fought journeyman fighter Doug Jones at Madison Square Garden. My dad and I watched it on I believe videotape (not sure of that) and we both felt that Jones won the fight. Clay (soon to be Muhammad Ali) got the decision and went on to fight Sonny Liston for the championship. Well, what just transpired in politics these past 48 hours was right up there with any good old FIX.

Go back to the South Carolina Democratic Presidential debate. Bloomberg calls Bernie Sanders a ‘communist’ and rails how Sanders will never defeat Trump. Meanwhile, the (so-called) moderates, Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar, are going after ‘Mr. Supreme Moderate’, Lunchbox Joe Biden, for not being as moderate as them. So what happens? The powerful National Democratic Neo Con Party powerbrokers make sure that the black elected officials and pastors in South Carolina (and elsewhere- the Dems have lots of Afro American politicians and pastors in their pocket)  push their constituents to get behind Biden. The LIE they tell is that ‘Sanders cannot defeat Trump’, and Lunchbox Joe can. After all, wasn’t he VP under their hero Obama? I mean, look at all Obama did for black folks. He did virtually nothing as white cops were shooting to kill unarmed blacks. He made a few speeches but did not get the full power of this government to come down hard on police forces that turned a blind eye to it all. Ditto for Obama, and thus VP Biden, for not using their power to stop union-busting nationwide. Oh yes, even though too few Amerikans, black or white or yellow and brown, even care enough about this crazy militarism on steroids, it was under Obama (and VP Biden) that we had the highest military spending ever!! Check it out.

So, Biden, scarred by increasingly lower poll numbers, wins big in South Carolina (those politicos and pastors did a great job with their fear card of Sanders VS. Trump). Now here is where the ‘Fix’ shows itself to be exposed under any sort of ‘Light of Truth’. One day before the Big Tuesday primaries Buttigieg and Klobuchar decide to drop out of the race and throw their support for Biden. ‘Amy for Amerika’ even flies out to Texas to attend a Biden rally… The day before Big Tuesday!, And last night he did win Texas by a small margin. Think of that for a minute. If Buttigieg and Klobuchar waited until Big Tuesday was over, where they both were on the ballots in all those states, anyone with even ‘half a brain’ knows that many of the votes Biden secured last night would have instead gone to the two of them!  Translated: Biden would NOT have won in Texas, Minnesota, Mass. and probably elsewhere. In California, with the largest by far delegate prize, as I write this Sanders is ahead but not by the larger margin expected. Why, well once again, all those so-called moderate Democrats who maybe favored Buttigieg or Klobuchar, voted for their ‘Third option’ Biden. Starting to get it folks? Fighter Doug Jones, who passed away in 2017, is probably laughing up in heaven… maybe Muhammad Ali is up there doing the same.

Let’s face it, Trump and his cabal are THE Worst group of predatory capitalists ever in office. This writer, who walked away from the Democrats decades ago, lives in what they like to call a ‘Major Swing State’, Florida. Seeing how the rise of a Neo Fascist white supremacist mindset has been sheltered and even nurtured by this current regime running our nation, I changed my political affiliation from Green Party to Democrat so as to vote for Sanders in our upcoming primary here. I, against my own political understanding as a true Socialist (which Bernie is unfortunately NOT), will honor my vow and vote Democrat (for the LAST TIME I assure you) in November to thwart this craziness a bit. Having a Biden as the choice is so tough for me, but… the ‘Evil of two lessers’ is the one currently in the White House. Biden as president will be but a band-aid on this major wound of our Military Industrial Empire. Yet, if you study history correctly you would know what transpired in Germany, circa 1930-33. The Nazi Party could have been stopped from obtaining power if the Social Democrats and the Communist Party would have formed a coalition. Together, they had the number of votes to thwart Hitler. In this Amerikan Empire of 2020 the same rings true for me.

 Remember what happened in 2004? Well, Howard Dean was the absolute frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. He wasn’t as ‘Left Wing’ as Sanders but, in that political climate, Dean was much more, as they like to label things, progressive than the others running. John Kerry was flopping in the polls and in the debates. The empire’s mainstream media even labeled him as such. Kerry was, like Biden less than a week ago, toast. So, Dean does well in the Iowa caucuses and gives a stirring ‘Rah Rah’ speech at a rally that evening. The media picks up on it as if Dean was a madman! They play the bit over and over and before you know it Howard Dean is labeled as a nutcase! Kerry survives and loses to Bush Jr in a highly suspicious election. So much so, just for the meat of this column, that on election eve, I watched pundit Dick Morris as an analyst on one of the networks. Morris was known as a ‘King of Polling’ and helped Bill Clinton win the presidency. He had, by 2004, turned into a bit of a Neo Con ideologue. Either way, he sat there and said early on that the ‘Exit polls’ in Ohio were showing that Kerry was way ahead. “The exit polls are highly accurate” Morris stated. When, a few hours later it showed that Bush would win Ohio, Morris said “Something smells!” He knew what we all know happens, as it did in 2000 in Florida, that ‘The fix is in’. 

Here is my conspiracy theory: The empire that controls both political parties did not want Sanders to be the nominee. Perhaps he would have lost to Trump (as Biden surely will), but more importantly to this Military Industrial Empire, his mere presence on that stage would be detrimental to them. Why? Well, think of all those working stiffs out there who are getting ****** by both parties for generations. To repeatedly hear the options of how this republic could choose to level this outrageous playing field is not what they want heard. On top of that, and most important, is the influence that Sanders, an old style FDR Democrat, is having on the ‘under 30-year-olds’ of this nation. Even in defeat, Sanders would galvanize that mindset of those great young folks for future battles with empire, as Martin Luther King Jr. laid out through peaceful and aggressive non cooperation. The masters who run the Democratic Party will get their ‘Paper Tiger’ in Biden. Or, they will, through a brokered convention, with their 500 Super Delegates, choose someone like Elizabeth Warren… or maybe, as the great essayist Edward Curtin has said since last October, the return of a rejuvenated Hillary Clinton. No kidding.

Finally, what will happen if and when (sadly) they push Sanders out, regardless of what ‘Loyal Soldier’ Bernie will do to help this corrupt party? I will predict this: Many of his young supporters, and millions of those who never choose to vote, seeing through this continual scam, will stay away again in November. Of course, with all the skeletons in Biden’s closet, it will be easy for the carnival barker Trump to defeat him anyway. In defense of his own sabotaged  candidacy here is what the Sanders’ campaign should be doing from now until the convention:

* In ads for Bernie show the tape of how in 1991 Senator Joe Biden attacked Anita Hill, a black woman of conscience, during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court. That should resonate with ALL those Afro American women who voted for Biden yesterday.

* Play the tape of ranking member of the Judiciary Committee Senator Joe Biden questioning Alberto Gonzales in January of 2005 at his confirmation hearing for Attorney General. Gonzales, at that time, was already outed by journalist Sy Hersh as having ‘signed off’ on the Protocols for torture that circumvented the Geneva Accords, which were written by Jay Bybee and John Yoo ( interesting how Bybee later on became a federal judge, and Yoo a professor at of all places, U of Cal at Berkeley). In his encounter with Gonzales, Biden actually said “I like ya, and I’m probably going to vote for ya… ” which of course he did, caring NOT for what our government was doing to those detainees at Gitmo and Baghram.

Oh what tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive!


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