The ‘DemonCrats’ gift to Trump

Biden will get the nomination. Sanders will do his best, as the DemonCrats's loyal soldier (and he is NOT even in their party!) to rally his troops, the tens of millions, to swallow their pride and support Biden.


Since we are the only major industrialized nation to have but two political parties with any clout, the corporate masters can control everything… and they do! You have the DemonCrats and of course the RepugnantCans, neither the ‘Party of FDR’ or ‘The Party of Lincoln’. Sadly, these two heavyweights (heavy with plenty of billionaire money behind them) give only lip service to the needs of their suckers… oh sorry, constituents. It doesn’t take an independent historian to see that. It is, sadly again, plain as day.

We know, or rather, this writer and anyone with half a brain knows, that the RepugnantCans make their political living by fueling the fear card of all colors not white. They stay in power by convincing the suckers… sorry, their constituents, that cutting taxes (mostly for the big corporations and the super rich) stimulates the economy and creates good paying jobs. Of course, that is better than the bridge in Brooklyn I have for sale real cheap! Meanwhile, this party, NOT of Lincoln, along with their (so-called) political adversaries the DemonCrats, never met a military spending bill they would not support. They do want to cut Planned Parenthood, criminalize abortion and disappear gay rights though, which keeps the need for a two party divide alive in the minds of the suckers… sorry, the voters.  To show how far down the rabbit hole of sensibility they have gone, look who they chose to become president: A master manipulative real estate and reality television personality who should be running a 3 Card Monte game on a side street in Manhattan.

Now we come to my favorite group of hypocrites and phony baloneys. Yes, the good old DemonCrats, who just gave the 2020 election to Le Grande Orange (my apologies to the late, great Rusty Staub, baseball player extraordinaire). As the aforementioned party of the elephant had their roster of war makers and working stiff attackers (Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush Sr. and Jr. and now, of course, Trump) the DemonCrats gave us red nose (why? ) Bill’ I feel your pain’ Clinton and Barack ‘Hope and Change’ Obama, who did NOTHING  for working stiffs and equally sucked up to the Military Industrial Empire. Yet, the option for working stiffs in 2020 will once again be Le Grande Orange and …. drum roll… Lunchbox Joe Biden. Here’s what happened in case you were asleep: Senator Bernie Sanders, in reality, a throwback FDR Democrat, after getting screwed by Wicked Witch Hillary in 2016, mobilized tens of millions of working stiffs and students. These were folks, some new to any sort of political arena and many under 30 years of age, fed up with the repressive economic (and war making) policies of the RepugnantCans. They were becoming increasingly pissed off at the phony and hollow promises of both Obama and Mrs. Clinton. These impassioned folks could see that Sanders was just as impassioned with his ideas for real changes in our current ‘business as usual’ empire. He was far from perfect, but even a mule looks pretty attractive in a room full of pigs. Oh boy, this was too dangerous for the movers and shakers who run both parties. So….

The DemonCrats, through their MSNBC and CNN minions, made sure that the public saw Sanders as not a ‘Relief’ but rather a radical threat to our nation’s wellbeing. They got all their ‘dreaming of glory’ stooges in the Senate and Congress to first run for president to dilute the field as an affront to Sanders, the front runner for 2020. When that was not working well they ‘circled the wagons’ around Lunchbox Joe. All the kings horses and all the kings men (and women) came out in support of Biden right before the crucial Super Tuesday vote. It worked, so well indeed that, with the aid of ALL the above, Biden even beat Sanders in Michigan, a traditional blue collar type of state. How many times did the media and stooge politicians say ‘But how can we pay for Sanders’ Medicare for ALL?’ Yet, what really took the wind out of Sanders’ sail was that South Carolina vote, when most of that state’s respected black politicians and pastors told folks “Sanders cannot defeat Trump… Biden can!”  In the film All the President’s Men about the Watergate scandal, Nixon says to his guys “It’s the LIE that gets you.” Well, the lie against Sanders will get them…. in spades!

So, Biden will get the nomination. Sanders will do his best, as the DemonCrats’s loyal soldier (and he is NOT even in their party!) to rally his troops, the tens of millions, to swallow their pride and support Biden. Here’s the skinny on that: Millions of them won’t! They just won’t vote for president if they even show up at the polls. Trump will defeat Biden, who has a track record of NEVER winning anything important except becoming Senator DuPont (which by the way made its fortune by making gunpowder and explosives). The DemonCrats will never attract working stiffs with even half a brain, let alone the millions of young folks with ditto that. It will be finally time for a real and viable Progressive/Socialist third party, maybe the Greens, and perhaps the Libertarians will also attract true conservatives away from the equally corrupt Repugnantcan Party. Either way, the real losers are the fools who chose Biden over Sanders with their vote. Of course, WE all go down with that ship, right?  There will be four more years of **** to step through for all of us, because of those suckers… sorry, those voters who keep drinking the DemonCrat Kool Aid!

Postscript: This writer will in fact vote for ANY DemonCrat in 2020, and thereafter NEVER AGAIN! As previously stated in other columns, this Trump phenomenon has ushered in a far right Neo Fascist, perhaps Neo Nazi mindset that scares the hell out of me! To defeat this evil is crucial for our survival as a culture. When you’re being threatened physically and need immediate help, would you turn down calling the Sheriff because he’s known to be a crook?


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