By his words and actions, Trump is facilitating, proliferating the spread of Covid-19

An American president must never again be allowed to fully manage a response to any pandemic. That responsibility must be assigned to scientists and other medical experts.


What America badly needs during this frightening, rapidly escalating Covid-19 crisis is leadership from the top of our government. We need a president who fully understands the gravity of this situation, one who can connect with the American people to help them through these extremely tenuous times. 

We need a president who can understand how the people feel, the fear, the uncertainty, and the frustration they are experiencing, and tell them that he will do everything he can to find the ways to get this virus under control; a president who will stress the need for Americans to follow the guidelines of the CDC and Dr. Fauci. I can’t think of any president in modern history, from FDR to Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama, that wouldn’t be doing just that if he were in office today. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a president who has those capabilities at this time. It’s as if Trump has disappeared as he spends little to no time working to bring this virus under control. He is, instead, concentrating on his reelection campaign. While this pandemic rages across America, Trump just looks the other way, totally disinterested. But it’s even worse than that, a lot worse and here’s why:

All he needs to do is to send this message out to Americans. “Wear your masks when you go out in public and practice social distancing.” That message should be sent out constantly, nearly every day until it becomes embedded in the American mind. Nothing is more important to eventually stamp out this virus. 

Trump is not only refusing to act in this manner but is doing the exact opposite. He seldom, if ever, wears a mask. It’s quite obvious that he has told those around him that they should not wear a mask or social distance when they are on camera. At his rallies, we hear that attendees are told that masks are optional, but not required. So his loyal supporters follow his example and who knows how many of them will get infected. 

It’s as if this guy is determined to make this Covid-19 crisis a lot worse. He holds these rallies when anyone with half a brain would know that having thousands of people sitting right next to each other, with few of them wearing masks, would lead to disaster.

He held that rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and only about 6,500 showed up. The best thing about it is that there will be fewer cases and deaths because so many people stayed at home. In the next 4 months, we are going to see him hold a lot more rallies and I feel sorry for those who choose to attend.

By all his words and actions he is facilitating, proliferating the spread of Covid-19. That is incomprehensible, unconscionable. In a great many parts of this country, people are flocking to the beaches, going to concerts and bars. It is so alarming to see that they are ignoring the CDC guidelines. 

Governor Cuomo of New York, watching as Trump continues to downplay the threat of this virus, has said that he thinks Trump is “enabling” this virus. He stated, “Mr. President, don’t be a co-conspirator of this virus.” Well, he certainly got that right, that Trump is helping greatly to spread this virus across America.

Our economy is taking a terrible beating and financial experts are predicting an upcoming recession that could cripple this country. Doesn’t Trump realize that not only is he making the virus crisis much worse, but he is also going to be responsible for this upcoming recession? Why in the world don’t his handlers around him wake him up to those facts?

Now let’s talk about another huge problem in this country. What we are experiencing in America today, along with this virus crisis, is what is called Trumpism, a deadly disease that has attacked the body of America. So far it has only infected a minority of Americans, about 63 million, those hardcore Trump supporters. 

When a person is infected with Trumpism, he or she is subjected to a form of mind-conditioning. Not long after, whenever their president makes a statement that they know is not true, a lie, or misinformation, they simply accept it. When he refuses to wear masks, they do the same. When he doesn’t practice social distancing, that’s what they do. We might say that these people are hooked, they have fallen under his control. 

The great danger is that those who have been infected could easily spread Trumpism to other Americans. We cannot allow this to happen, we must not allow it metastasize. Also, we must not get too close to any of these people. So, stay as far away as possible, and don’t listen to a word they say.

Trump should be thinking about how much worse this situation is going to get if it continues on its current course. Hospitals in many states are reaching full capacity as these cases continue to increase. They are running out of ICU rooms. And worst of all, a great many of these overworked doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are going to wear down; and then what is going to happen? That could be disastrous.

Something that we now know, that there is a direct correlation between Trump’s complete failure to initially respond to this virus threat and, thereafter, his failure to do everything in his power to attack it and bring it under control, and the huge surge in cases in a great many states. He failed America and the American people.

That tells us that, In the future, an American president must never again be allowed to fully manage a response to any pandemic. That responsibility must be assigned to scientists and other medical experts who are fully capable of handling it. It has to be taken out of the hands of politicians as is the case right now.


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