Saturday, October 24, 2020

Tag: Covid-19 pandemic

Trump advisers privately warned GOP donors about COVID-19 in February while...

There is a discrepancy between Trump's cheerful public messaging to Americans in February and the less optimistic information that White House officials shared simultaneously with GOP donors.

Watch: One family’s tragic Covid-19 story shows why voting matters

Vote like your life depends on it because someone you love could be the next COVID-19 tragedy.

The long haul

Or living through pandemic-plus...

“Don’t be afraid of Covid”: Trump removes mask & fuels misinformation...

“I stood out front. I led. Nobody that’s a leader would not do what I did. And I know there’s a risk, there’s a danger, but that’s OK.”

Trump’s COVID: Empathy for the world’s least empathetic person?

Out of respect. He’s a human being. And he’s our president.

As Trump scorned COVID-19 precautions, climate deniers echoed and expanded that...

Trump isn’t the only politician who’s urged inaction on both climate and COVID.

Amazon reveals nearly 20,000 employees have contracted the coronavirus

Meanwhile, the company's profits have soared as demand for online shopping increased during the pandemic.

Just after declaring ‘end of the pandemic is in sight,’ Trump...

A spokesperson for the French government said Trump’s diagnosis “demonstrates that the virus spares no one, including those who have shown skepticism.”

Parents and teachers nationwide join together demanding Congress pass $250 billion...

“When the coronavirus pandemic began, parents, teachers, and child care providers stepped up.”

Medicating isolation

Drug use in the COVID-19 moment.


The dangerous calls for ‘herd immunity’

As we’ve seen over decades with climate change, we are sure to begin to see actual experts like epidemiologists debating highly paid public speaking shills about herd immunity on cable news in the months ahead.

Ten uplifting teaching moments from President Fiasco

How to achieve peace in our time, universal happiness, and healthy goodwill towards our neighbor.

Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act introduced in Senate

“This is the bill we have been waiting for. It draws on the latest science to tap the treasure-trove of ocean solutions to accelerate progress on climate change. The outcome? People win, the economy wins, nature wins.”

Why the Founders Would Decry What America has Become

If the Founding Fathers saw what the United States has become, they would be devastated. Poverty, income inequality, suppression of speaking ones mind, crime, war, and oligarch like behaviors all make up this new U.S. It is far from being the democracy it was created as.

To prevent voter intimidation, Michigan has banned open carry guns at polling places

“The presence of firearms at the polling place, clerk’s office(s), or absent voter counting board may cause disruption, fear or intimidation for voters, election workers and others present.”