Parents and teachers nationwide join together demanding Congress pass $250 billion bill for current and future students

“When the coronavirus pandemic began, parents, teachers, and child care providers stepped up.”


More than 100 groups of parents and teachers across the nation sent an open letter to Congress yesterday, demanding they pass $250 billion in stabilization funding to save the current generation of students. 

The letter states “Congress has not provided the funding necessary to support child care programs and schools in safely delivering high-quality education and care for children of all ages.”

Parents are finding it difficult to find arrangements for their children, who are now learning from home, while they work from home or have to report to their offices. Teachers teaching virtually are lacking the technological support needed to begin their school year successfully. And in-person teachers still lack the proper safety equipment to healthy teach their students in their classrooms. 

More than 125 national and state organizations and millions of families and educators have joined together to voice their concerns to Congress in this letter. 

“For years, our care and education systems have been underfunded and undervalued. When the coronavirus pandemic began, parents, teachers, and child care providers stepped up. We learned new ways to help children learn, put our own lives on the line to care for children, and invested our own resources to keep ourselves, our families, our colleagues, and the communities around us safe. While other industries, like airlines, have received a large influx of funds to help them stay afloat, no such rescue package has been available for child care and public education, both of which should be essential public goods,” says the letter. 


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