Could Americans possibly reelect a president who acts in this sordid, reprehensible manner?

When Trump loses the election, and he will, he will immediately face various investigations, some of which will lead to criminal charges and, best of all, jail time. And he knows it.


America has never had a president who is so disparaging, spiteful, vindictive, and disrespectful of his fellow Americans. During his almost 4 years in office, he has shown, by his policies and actions, that he is completely incapable of being the president. He is a disgrace to the presidency.

When the American people cast their ballots, in person, or by using the mail on Nov. 3, they should keep in mind the many instances involving Trump’s sordid, reprehensible behavior. Here are some of the most egregious actions that he has taken and malicious statements that he has made.

His management of the Covid-19 crisis that is crippling this country has been atrocious, it could not have been worse. He will go down in history as being personally responsible for the needless deaths of many thousands of Americans.

One of the very worst things he has done relative to the management of this virus is to undermine the efforts of the CDC to get this situation under control. He has continuously gone against the advice of the head of the CDC, Doctor Robert Redfield, Doctor Fauci, and various scientists. This monumental egoist acts as if he knows more than they do. And it’s killing Americans. 

Then there is his strange, very close alliance with Putin of Russia. Trump and Putin were side by side in a question and answer session with reporters at a Helsinki, Finland summit in 2018.

A reporter asked Trump who he stood with regarding Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, Putin or U.S. intelligence agencies? Trump’s answer was: “President Putin says it’s not Russia. I don’t see any reason why it would be.” Treason, anyone?

He has corrupted the Justice Dept. by bringing in William Barr as its head. This guy Barr ruined the Mueller Report to protect Trump. And he, as the top law enforcement officer in America, acts as if he can change any law to his liking. He and Trump are of the same mindset. 

Putting small kids into cages: that was an inhuman act on the part of this heartless president. One would think that separating little kids from their parents and throwing them into cages, not allowing them to clean up or eat decent food would be unthinkable. But Trump did just that and never blinked an eye.

Republicans are masters at voter suppression, it’s right at the top of their “to-do” list. Trump applauds their efforts and encourages them to do more, especially to see to it that African Americans are the #1 target. He sows the seeds of hatred and divisiveness. This is in line with his reputation as a racist of the highest order.

He has been doing everything he can to destroy our Democracy and laying the groundwork for an authoritarian government. If elected, Trump and his henchmen, aka, Republicans, will control everything that goes on in this country with an iron fist. It will be a living nightmare.

He has pardoned a great many of his close associates who have been convicted of crimes: Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Conrad Black, Joe Arpaio, Denish D’Souza, Bernard Kerik, Michael Milken, to name just a few. So, If you are an associate of Trump and you commit a crime, you know he will take care of you. To hell with justice.

He has no use for the U.S. Constitution. He doesn’t have a good understanding of its most important provisions and so he just ignores it. I have never heard him even refer to it. Constitutional ignorance! As far as the rule of law goes he considers it to be meaningless and irrelevant and regularly breaks it.

He has made fun of and derided judges who made decisions he didn’t accept. He has called the criminal justice system a “laughingstock.” He has insulted the members of the military and its leaders, calling them losers and suckers and he included those who have died defending this country. And this comes from the draft dodger who avoided the Vietnam War.

Has refused to allow various subordinates to submit to subpoenas and testify before House committees. He totally ignores the House oversight responsibilities and, unfortunately, Pelosi and Democrats let him get away with it. 

He says he won’t leave the White House if he thinks the election was not conducted fairly. When is the last time we heard a U.S. president continually talking about remaining in power even before the election took place?

He’s doing this because he is in a state of panic knowing that he will almost certainly lose; the election unless he and his cohorts can find some way to rig the election. If the election comes across as fair and he refuses to leave, then I believe he will be escorted out of office by appropriate military personnel.

He fights to make his tax returns secret. The NY Times just recently reported that Trump used all sorts of tax evasion to avoid paying taxes. This self-appointed billionaire has paid only $750 in taxes in the years 2016 and 2017. It reports that he paid no taxes in 10 of the previous 15 years.

Trump has replied to these charges by saying, “I’m just smart.” Yes, he’s smart, real good at manipulating, scheming, and using devious tactics. He is unscrupulous and there is nothing he won’t resort to in order to make money. Just the kind of character trait that we need in the presidency, right?

He has some $439 million in loans coming due in the next several years. This has caused great concerns by those who fear that, depending on who the creditors are, the security of this nation could be in jeopardy by a compromised Trump.

I cannot even begin to comprehend how this “Trump 40%” of Americans can look at all these examples of dishonesty, deviousness, and pathological lying, and accept and condone them.

Here’s some great news. When Trump loses the election, and he will, he will immediately face various investigations, some of which will lead to criminal charges and, best of all, jail time. And he knows it.

But for now, the American people must concentrate on helping this country to recover from his attacks on our Constitution and our democracy. And that’s by casting their ballots on Nov. 3, personally or through the mail, and propel him and as many of his Republican puppets as possible out of the White House and Congress, and send them into political purgatory. 


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