To end this madness: Vote, and vote as if your very survival depended on it – because it does!

In the past when American faced monumental problems it had leaders and citizens who stood up and responded in various ways to help the country overcome them.


This sovereign nation, its democracy, and its foundations have been under relentless attack for the past 4 years. They have been battered and beaten to the point that we might say they are on life support hanging on, waiting for new leaders to fully restore them. This upcoming critically important election will determine if they will survive or not. 

Only during the Civil War and World War II has America been in such dire straits. In the past when American faced monumental problems it had leaders and citizens who stood up and responded in various ways to help the country overcome them.

Now we find ourselves, once again, in dire times, badly needing leaders and citizens to step forward and launch a counterattack against the threats that this nation faces, i.e., those who would replace our democracy and Constitution with an authoritarian/autocratic government, a dictatorship. 

Nov. 3, that’s the day when the American people go to the polls. Whether Democrat or Republican they need to think very deeply about what has happened to this country during the terrible tenure of this unfit president and vote to save our democracy.

We have been watching a president who has, from the beginning of his time in office, allowed himself to become little more than a lackey for Russia’s Putin. He sided with Putin against our intelligence agencies when Russia was accused of hacking into our election system. 

Kim Jung-un, for whom Trump has expressed his love, has made a fool of Trump as he builds more and larger intercontinental missiles. And this president does nothing and just looks the other way. 

Most Americans and people across the world were aghast, appalled when they heard that children, including small kids, were not only being separated from their parents by US border agents but were being put into cages, just like animals. 

Couldn’t they have been placed into some kind of decent buildings or barracks instead? Now we hear that 545 of them can’t be united with their parents because Trump did not set up a system to have parents and kids reunited at some point. This was a barbarian act against mankind.

This mentally unstable president would do away with Obamacare even while the pandemic is infecting and killing massive numbers of Americans. He would cut the funding to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid without blinking an eye. 

That’s something that a normal, stable human being would never, ever do. It’s beyond belief how he can do so many things that hurt Americans so badly and he still has a large number of individuals that greatly admire him and accept and condone every evil thing he does. 

How many thousands of Americans would not have died needlessly if Trump had managed the response to the Covid-19 virus break out across this country in a professional way, working closely with scientists and governors to take measures to rein it in? He is personally responsible for allowing the virus to run rampant across this nation. 

As a result, America has more cases and deaths per capita than almost any country in the world. And, as bizarre as it may be, he has the monumental audacity to say that he has done a tremendous job and the end of the virus is “just around the corner.”

Talk about reckless and irresponsible, he is holding rallies across this country, sometimes three in one day, with thousands of people standing next to each other, most of them not wearing masks. 

The scientists and doctors who are watching this are in a state of extreme fear as they know this spreading of the virus by Trump will cause many more cases and deaths. 

His various associates, those who are involved with devious, illegal, practices or actions, have no reason to worry about being prosecuted and imprisoned because they know that he, who thumbs his nose at the rule of law, will simply pardon them. 

He says he is not a racist but there is no question but that he is. Has he denounced white supremacy and the Proud Boys that are a part of it? He claims he has done so but all America heard him say, “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.” 

He and his Republican puppets, instead of working to give every single American the right to vote, are hell-bent on carrying out their devious plan to suppress the votes of certain US citizens all over America. African Americans and Hispanics are their favorite targets. These are, in effect, criminal actions and must be stamped out,

This pseudo-president has a secret bank account in China and the question is why? He has continually fought in the courts to prevent his tax returns from being made public. He, quite obviously, is hiding something very damaging to himself. Well, a person that has nothing to hide, would gladly let them be made public. One day those returns will be reviewed and he will, very likely, be indicted when he leaves office.

We could go on and on about the many other egregious things that Trump has done. Many, many books will be written and maybe even some movies will be made about all the illegal actions, the attacks on our democracy, and the massive number of lies he has uttered. If a movie is made then, without question, the part of Trump has to be played by the actor, Alec Baldwin, he of Saturday Night Live.

America has seen four years that should have been used to do positive things, go to waste with this pathetic president in the White House. And now it is time to remove him and replace him with an honest, principled, individual who will immediately go to work and repair the massive damage that he has done to this country.

Putin and Russia will no longer be treated like dear friends of the American president and the new president, Biden, will no longer bow down to Putin’s authority. We will see a close relationship with our allies in Europe restored. America will, once again, be a member of the Paris Climate Accord and a new Iran Nuclear Agreement will be made. 

We need a president and leaders who do what is right for this country. Biden will have to work hard to repair the damage Trump has done and lead America in a new direction, to pull out all the stops in addressing climate change. 

New sources of energy need to be developed. He will need to initiate action to repair and rebuild our national infrastructure. This will create many millions of new jobs.

So, as we watch this madness continue unabated it should remind us how very important it is to vote. So, vote, and vote as if your life depended on it – because it does!


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