STUNNING NEWS! Trump experiences an Enlightenment, takes actions to end his term with positive endeavors

If you believed that Trump had had an enlightenment and had become a completely changed man. If you were suckered into buying into that, then I have to tell you this: it was all a huge hoax, nothing more than fake news.


Washington D.C. and the majority of Americans are stunned as they become aware that President Trump has, quite apparently, undergone a monumental personal transformation, we might call it An Enlightenment; one in which he has seen the light and now possessed a new, rational, modern, and well-informed outlook on life and its meaning.

A couple of weeks ago journalists started receiving feedback from White House staffers that indicated that something new and exciting was happening – and it most certainly was. Trump emerged from his days of hiding and scheming on how to overturn the election, and he looked and talked like a new man.

 Gone was the constant scowl, the threatening looks were replaced by an air of positivity. Who said miracles don’t happen, we just saw one take place? All of a sudden he started to give out positive and constructive orders to everyone around him. 

 First, he ordered Secretary of State Pompeo to, 1. reinstate the U.S. membership in the Paris Climate Accord, 2. take immediate steps to start negotiations on a new Iranian Nuclear Agreement, and 3. to take steps to rejoin the World Health Organization. 

 He felt that he had to do this because he had wrongly dismissed the value of these agreements in world affairs and it was necessary to right these wrongs before Biden took office.

He then announced that Joe Biden had defeated him in a fair election and he was gracefully conceding. He called Biden, offering him his sincere congratulations, and told him he would cooperate in any way necessary to make for an effective transition. Biden assured the soon to be former president that he would call on him for advice on important domestic and foreign matters as needed.

A couple of days later his Chief of Staff said that Trump had called various world leaders and offered his apologies for some of the things he had done which were simply wrong and disrespectful. He told them that they should call him if they had something of importance on their minds before he left office. He really felt that he had to reestablish relationships with these heads of state.

He went on TV and told the American people that he had done a great disservice to democracy by using every tactic he knew to try to overturn the just-ended presidential election. He said that he had been obsessed with the thought that he had a right to a second term because of what he had done for this country in the past 4 years. He now knew that this was delusionary and he had no such right under the Constitution. He acknowledged that he had been beaten in a Biden landslide.

Americans were pleasantly surprised to hear that Trump was going to hold daily briefing relative to the Covid-19 crisis to keep people informed about what his administration would be doing, in particular, to distribute the new vaccines. He fired his virus advisor, Scott Atlas, saying that he had misled him and the American people. .He praised Doctor Fauci for a job well done. 

He didn’t have much time left so he wanted to do as much as he could to right the wrongs he had done. He strongly stressed the need for all Americans to use masks and social distancing. He felt that was by far the best way to deal with the virus. 

He had an Oval Office session with the head of the EPA, Andrew Wheeler, and instructed him to restore the rules and regulations that he had previously canceled. He said that he had mistakenly done this when he was determined to shake up the Washington bureaucracy and that it had not been justifiable. 

During those last days of his term, he kept very busy every day to try to make amends for the mistakes he had made and the actions that he should have taken but didn’t. Here are more positive things he did in those final days:

He fired Rudy Guiliani and all the lawyers that he had instructed to initiate lawsuits that could reverse the outcome of the election. He indicated that he could take no more of Guiliani’s crazy and stupid antics and that Rudy was no longer welcome in the White House. He refused to take any calls from Steve Bannon.

Trump admitted that he had allowed Putin to influence him to a great degree. Putin had convinced him that Russia was not that much of a threat to the U.S. and, secondly, told him that when he was no longer president, Russia would work with him on many different real estate ventures. He said that was another mistake. He also apologized profusely to U.S. intelligence agencies for siding with Putin at the Helsinki summit instead of with them, relative to the Russia meddling issue. 

He stated that he will make his tax returns available to NY state and other investigators and that he would gladly pay all back taxes and settle anything else that he may not have done properly; with the hope that these investigations would be settled to the satisfaction of all parties. 

He said he understood that he has some emotional problems and that he was going to see a psychiatrist and talk things over and, very likely, receive some treatments. He said he had known that he had some problems but had totally ignored them because he was so busy.

He apologized to all of the women he had insulted and for coming on so strong. He regretted that he had not shown them a lot more respect and would do better in the future.

He told Mitch McConnell that he needed to get his act together, stop his obstruction of key legislation, and do what was in the best interests of the American people. And, especially, to work with Democrats to create another very strong stimulus program for desperate Americans.

At a news conference, a reporter from NBC asked Trump, “Why did you pardon all those convicted criminals?” Trump responded with, “I have thought long and hard about that and I can’t even begin to comprehend why I would even think about doing such a thing. But, I’ll say this, in my final days I can guarantee that it will never happen again.”

He wanted to do so much more to heal the many wounds he had inflicted on this nation’s democracy and its people, but he just ran out of time. However, he said he would work with Republicans, Democrats, and anyone else to address and solve America’s many problems in the future.

Washington DC and the majority of Americans may be in a state of euphoria right now but that 42% of Trump supporters, some 70 million Americans, are not. They liked the old Trump, the one who was going to drain the swamp and turn the government bureaucracy upside down and inside out. They are going to have a very difficult time accepting this new positive, constructive Trump since what he is doing now is against all of their principles and beliefs.

We hear that Trump is going to run for president again in 2024 with a new attitude and positive agenda, and I wish him well. However, one thing about his plans is very confusing to me. I can’t seem to figure out how he can do that from within his jail cell. 

Now, if you believed any of the above, that Trump had had an enlightenment and had become a completely changed man. if you were suckered into buying into that, then I have to tell you this: it was all a huge hoax, nothing more than fake news.


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