Former US Marine charged with assaulting police officers during Capitol riots

“What are we supposed to do? Supreme Court’s not helping us. No one’s helping us. Only us can help us. Only we can do it.”


Caught on video attacking police officers during the Capitol riots, a former U.S. Marine has been arrested and charged with assaulting officers, civil disorder, and using violence to enter restricted grounds. The veteran was recorded on video in three separate incidents while shoving, punching, and kicking police officers on the grounds of the Capitol.

On January 6, Barton Shively, a Marine veteran from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, was recorded on video shoving a U.S. Capitol police officer on the steps of the building. Shively later told FBI investigators that he “got caught up in the moment.”

Later that day, Shively was recorded on video again striking officers during a violent altercation with a crowd of Trump supporters attempting to gain further access into the Capitol. Shively admitted to FBI agents that he had punched an officer’s riot helmet.

In a third incident also recorded on video, Shively can be seen kicking at officers who are using pepper spray on the rioters. He later informed FBI agents that he was attempting to kick a can of mace out of an officer’s hand when he became temporarily blinded by the mace and retreated.

“I’ll tell you what happened, we broke down the barriers and we rushed ’em, we charged ’em,” Shively told CNN after the three incidents with police officers. “What are we supposed to do? Supreme Court’s not helping us. No one’s helping us. Only us can help us. Only we can do it.”

On January 11, the FBI released a Be On the Lookout (BOLO) Bulletin which included a photo of Shively at the Capitol riots. Three days later, an individual identified Shively as the man in the photograph.

On the evening of January 14, Shively surrendered to authorities and allowed FBI agents to interview him. According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott R. Ford, Shively deleted the data on his phone before handing it over to law enforcement and also contacted two other rioters to warn them that he had spoken to the FBI.

Serving as a U.S. Marine from 1985 to 1992, Shively was arrested Tuesday for attacking officers during the Capitol riots. According to a criminal complaint, the charges against him include aiding and abetting, civil disorder, forcibly assaulting, resisting, opposing, impeding or interfering with any federal officer or employee and violent entry into restricted grounds or any Capitol building.


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