Mexico contemplates use of GMO corn in animal feed

Mexico is currently the biggest foreign market for U.S. GMO yellow corn.


Mexico has banned both glyphosate and GMO corn for human consumption by the year 2024. 

According to AgriNews, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the move on January 2. The objective of the decision is to “contribute to food security and sovereignty” and protect “native corn, cornfields, bio-cultural wealth, farming communities, gastronomic heritage and the health of Mexicans.”

They are now debating whether to also ban genetically modified corn from animal feed as well. Officials say a meeting will take place “toward the end” of next week to make a decision. 

Mexico uses its own white corn to make the country’s staple tortillas, but relies on imports of mostly genetically-modified yellow corn from the U.S. for livestock feed, reports Bloomberg. The country is the biggest foreign market for U.S. GMO yellow corn.


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