BMW’s Mini Cars to go all electric by 2030

Mini will become BMW's first all-electric brand.


BMW, a German carmaker, will introduce the last gas model of the Mini range in 2025 and go all-electric by 2030 with a goal of half its sales to be electric in 2027. The announcement was reported by Der Spiegel, a German newspaper, and will be the first brand in BMW’s fleet to go all-ekectric.

Currently, the Mini range has one electric vehicle, the Mini Cooper SE, according to

BMW’s decision to make Mini all-electric is said to be on par with Germany’s plan to end gas-powered vehicle sales by 2030. And in the UK, which is home to the Mini brand, also has plans to ban gas-powered card by 2030.

An electrification plan is said to be announced by Oliver Zipse, BMW CEO, this week.


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