Democrats, WAKE UP to the threat of the enemy within

Our democracy’s very existence hangs in the balance.


The enemy within, i.e., domestic terrorists, has one prime objective, and that is to take control of this country, its democracy, and its government. America is now in its cross hairs and must find the ways to respond to this highly dangerous threat. 

Where is the evidence that such an enemy within exists? Let me tell you the ways. The Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol by a variety of domestic insurrectionists, the rise of militant organizations such as QAnon and The Proud Boys, white supremacists, the American Nazi Party, Aryan Nations, among others.

With all of these dangerous organizations and individuals, there must be some form of leadership that guides the group in its determination to take control. So, who or what is in the leadership role?

It’s the Republican Party that has been sowing the seeds of hatred and divisiveness for some time and, unfortunately, many millions of Americans now support them and their beliefs. 

It is so unnerving to think that those who are a part of this threat to America could be our neighbors, those with whom we work, one or more of our fellow churchgoers, someone in our overall family, an uncle or a brother in law, perhaps our senator or House Representative in DC.

We need to recall this quote generally attributed to President Abraham Lincoln: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.” He knew how easily that could happen in a country like America.

Perhaps you have seen the very interesting movie, “The Enemy Within, How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America.” In this movie we see certain high-level government officials initiating a plan designed to remove President William Foster from office and replace him with Vice President Walter Kelly who they feel would be more willing to do their bidding.” It’s a real thriller and it may be a precursor of what may happen in this country.

Republicans and extremely angry radicals have formed a dangerous alliance. We saw these radicals in action when the Capitol came under attack on Jan. 6 of this year. We will hear more about the Republicans’ direct involvement in this attack when the Jan. 6 committee presents its findings. Look for the involvement of any number of House and/or Senate Republicans.

The Republican Party has transformed itself from a respected, well-intentioned, and cooperative party, that generally adhered to the principles of ethics and morality, to one that is the complete opposite of its former self. 

It has removed anyone that objects to its very aggressive agenda that involves plans to eventually take down our democracy. 

Once staunch Republicans such as Steve Schmidt, George Conway, Tom Nichols, Joe Scarborough, Justin Amish, George Will, Charles Sykes, Tim Miller, William Kristol, among many others, could no longer tolerate their party’s radical, dangerous transformation and just quit. 

This party wants nothing to do with climate change, is totally against abortion, is implementing widespread voter suppression, is against healthcare for all Americans, civil rights, and gay rights. 

It is against any form of gun control, supports the death penalty, and is Corporate America’s greatest promoter in Congress. 

Right now, one of the top priorities in the GOP is to do everything possible to control state and federal elections and when they lose elections, they are ready to use all sorts of devious schemes to overturn them. That’s what the enemy does.

Biden and Democrats could solve this growing problem by eliminating or even modifying the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation; but they can’t do it because they have two rogue senators, Sinema and Manchin, who are now controlling their agenda. 

Does Biden have the courage to force them to cooperate in dealing with this problem? No, in fact, he is starting to look like the weak comic strip character, Casper Milquetoast. Can someone in his administration help him in this crucially important matter?

Mr. Biden, do you realize what’s going to happen to America if you and your party do not come up with one way or another to pass this voting rights legislation? 

Don’t you know that the Republicans’ suppression laws in numerous states will prevent millions of Americans from voting and let Republicans win elections all over America; and take control of the US House and, very likely the Senate? 

Do you even get it? There is nothing, absolutely nothing more important than passing voting rights. If the filibuster stands in the way, then it must be taken down. And, if Manchin and/or Sinema refuse to take part then you, Mr. Biden, must read the RIOT ACT to both of them. They cannot be allowed to control the Democrats’ agenda. 

Pelosi and Schumer appear to be in some kind of a daze and are allowing their members to go on various recesses when, instead, they should be working late into the night to find ways to get voting rights and the social infrastructure legislation passed. 

On a different matter, what is going on with the Trump special investigations in New York and Georgia that seemingly have been going on forever? Supposedly, the investigators have solid evidence that will eventually result in a Trump indictment, a trial, and then jail time. But they seem to be stuck in a rut.

Their ongoing silence is deafening, and the probability of their coming up with anything to take Trump down seems to be very low. This is like watching justice in slow motion. Time for the investigators to wake up and shift into high gear! Can they, will they?

The majority of Americans also need to wake up to this threat, that the “enemy is at the door”, and demand that the Biden administration declare war against that threat and that enemy.

Will that happen, will we see this Biden government come to the realization that this threat exists? Will they take swift and sure action against the enemy within? Our democracy’s very existence hangs in the balance.


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