The Jan. 6 committee, 4 key investigations; Trump can run, but he can’t hide!

His time is up. His future will be very rocky and painful if these various investigators do their job. 


Former president, Donald J. Trump, has been running rampant across this country bending and breaking laws of many kinds for a very long time but has somehow managed to escape any kind of punishment. So far!

Well, enough is enough, and it’s time that the long arm of the law stops him in his tracks and makes him pay heavily for his “sins” against this country and its people. His time is up. His future will be very rocky and painful if these various investigators do their job. 

These investigations have one major objective and that is to determine to what extent this rogue former president has broken the laws of the land. The unwritten objective is to put Trump into a jail cell for as long as possible, 

This must be done to preserve America’s democracy, to prevent the takeover of this government by Trump and those who have no allegiance to the US Constitution; and to prevent this country from being taken in a direction that will be virtually impossible to reverse.

It’s important to note that guilt in a civil case generally results in a monetary punishment, while guilt in a criminal case can result in a prison sentence. Here’s hoping Trump experiences both.

I’m very aware that even if Trump is sent to prison there will be others who will gladly step forward and try to take this country in the wrong direction. However, none of them could possibly be as dangerous as Trump who is a master manipulator and a deadly enemy of this democracy. 

In any event, we must put Trump away and then deal with any other Republican who is cut out of the same cloth and attempts to take his place.

I would say that these various investigative organizations, which have been working on this matter for some time and should have developed solid, concrete evidence by now, should shift their efforts into high gear so their conclusions can be presented before the November elections.

Here are the various investigations being progressed:

First, the NY state Atty. General, Letitia James, continues to conduct a civil investigation into Trump’s family businesses. What’s going on, what do we hear? Some but not much. Almost complete silence.

At the same time, the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, has been conducting a criminal investigation into Trump’s devious actions over many years. Any word coming out from this DA? Again, not much.

In Fulton County, Georgia, the DA, Fani T. Willis, has impaneled a special grand jury to look into Trump’s attempt to coerce state officials to “come up with” 11,780 votes, enough to overturn Biden’s win in 2020. This should be an open and shut case if this DA can jump-start her investigation.

Lastly, we have the House Jan. 6 committee that has interviewed over 500 individuals, including a great many former and current Trump associates. Its main objective is to prove that he is directly responsible for inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection. The members will soon hold public hearings in which they will report on what evidence they have accumulated. That should be extremely interesting.

But, here’s the problem this committee will face when it presents its evidence to Atty. Gen. Garland. Getting him to act to indict Trump will take a minor miracle. That’s because Garland has placed a sign on the Justice Dept. main entrance that states, “CLOSED, be back sometime in the future.”

Breaking and bending these many laws is bad enough but Trump is also guilty of poisoning the minds of about 70 million Americans, Trump’s famous “40%” of rabid supporters, those that Hillary Clinton referred to as deplorables.

Trump is a master of the art of mind control and he has used it to take control of the minds of all these submissive, subservient Americans who think of him as their “savior.” These Americans are most certainly deplorable, the very worst kind of Americans, they are non-Americans.

How might these investigations end? In the first scenario, let’s say the investigators all fail to come up with the necessary evidence to indict him or the evidence they have developed is not strong enough. This would be a disastrous result in which Trump, once again, could run for president and, quite likely, win. What then? 

If that happens, then America will be rapidly transformed from a democratic republic into a Trump/Republican autocratic dictatorship. And then the name of this country will no longer be America; it will be changed to Amerika, a name that will portray it as a fascist and oppressive country, a modern-day version of Germany in the 1930s. 

However, let’s stay positive. In the second scenario, we’ll watch as one or even all of the investigations are successful and Trump is indicted and found guilty of numerous civil and criminal actions. 

So, Trump can run but he can’t hide. He can run rampant for a while as he has been doing since he lost the 2020 election. He’s not going to hide somewhere where he can’t be found, at least not yet. But, he is going to try to keep hiding and covering up all of his misdeeds. When the investigators come for him and the walls are closing in on him, there will be nowhere to hide.

At that point, he may dream about running for the presidency once again in 2024 but that dream will never come true. For he will find it impossible to run again while he sits in his jail cell.


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