Thursday, August 5, 2021

Tag: Capitol insurrection

House committee investigating Capitol insurrection has a lot of power, but...

The committee has several tools for shedding light on the events of Jan. 6 and ensuring that the American people learn the truth about what happened.

DEA agent arrested for participating in Capitol riots

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Agent Mark Sami Ibrahim was arrested Tuesday and charged on several accounts for his participation in the Capitol riots on January 6.

Watchdog says insurrectionist lawmakers, including Trump, should be barred from public...

"We are urging [election officials] to make clear that insurrectionists such as President Trump are barred from ever again holding public office."

In exclusive jailhouse letter, Capitol Riot defendant explains motives, remains boastful

“January 6th was nothing short of a satirical way to overthrow a government.”

On January 6th, the U.S. became a foreign country

How endless wars and interventions helped create the assault on the Capitol...

Why corporate power over American politics was laid bare after the...

Don’t be fooled that corporations’ motives are moral.

Hundreds of 2021 ‘insurrectionists’ may get off while 700 peaceful Pentagon...

What a difference a half century makes (not!)...

The roots of the Capitol insurrection

Allowing them and their followers to distance themselves from what happened would be the kind of strategic blunder we too often see from the centrist wing of the Democratic Party.

The Capitol insurrection and white supremacist infiltration of U.S. Police

Domestic terrorism from far-right groups is a significant threat to America’s safety and security.


Obama wants his private presidential center on public land—and mainstream media is looking the...

Advocates say an alternate site in Washington Park is less disruptive and more beneficial to the community and the environment.

A Trump bombshell quietly dropped last week. And it should shock us all.

Donald Trump’s proto-fascism poses the largest internal threat to American democracy since the Civil War.

A global anti-Olympics movement rises to challenge the games’ darker side

“The Olympics Games put tremendous pressure on the host city’s local budget, crash the democratic government process and destroy the environment."

The far right’s new-old war on women

From the Trumpists who attacked the U.S. Capitol to far-right populists in Europe, insecurities about women are a major ideological motivation that often goes underappreciated. Mainstream conservatives, in particular, should be wary of the role that gender issues play in opening the door to extremists.

Climate paralysis? Try multisolving

There’s an approach called “multisolving” that can move us from paralysis to action.