Republicans, complicit in mass shootings, aiding & abetting domestic terrorists

We're going to find out before long, not whether America is an exceptional, indispensable nation but, rather, whether it can still be called a civilized nation.


Some things never seem to change. Each time there’s a mass shooting in which little children are gunned down by some domestic terrorist using an AR-15, or some other assault weapons, Republicans in the Senate are asked if, this time, they will work with Democrats to enact effective gun control legislation. And, every single time, no matter how ghastly the mass shooting may have been, they say NO, absolutely not!

Message to Republicans: “Enough, no more, enough, enough, stop this madness. This time, after the mass shooting in Uvalde, TX that killed 19 small children and 2 teachers, enough is enough!”

Do you understand that you are complicit in these murders, that you are guilty of aiding and abetting the shooter because you have continuously refused to do anything to help in creating meaningful gun controls? 

America has become a shooting gallery, and every one of us is now a target. The bullets can come from a 9MM Glock, a Smith & Wesson S&W500, or an AR-15 assault weapon, with an ammunition magazine that can hold up to 100 rounds. Why would anyone ever need to possess an AR-15 assault weapon, let alone such a massive magazine? To slaughter people, especially little kids, that’s why.

 After we have witnessed this latest massacre most of us are stunned, in a state of shock and helplessness. This has now become the New Normal in America. We have 18-year-olds buying various types of WHDs, i.e., weapons of human destruction, to “mow down” their fellow Americans. 

Mass shootings, violence personified, murder, inc., who’s responsible? It’s Americans murdering their fellow Americans day after day all over this country. It’s like a plague, something that you can’t avoid, something you can’t stop from spreading. 

This situation has become so bad, so horrific, that any one of us, in this population of some 331 million, can be shot dead in a grocery store, while eating in a McDonald’s, in a school, or even in a church. 

It’s so frightening to think that right now there is nowhere that you or I or members of our families can go to in this country where we are safe. We can be killed anywhere, at any time. “We can run but we can’t hide.”

What’s with the American people who watch these continuous mass shootings? They should be angry as hell, in a state of fury and yelling from the rooftops at the terrible, corrupted politicians in Congress who continue to do absolutely nothing to stop this carnage, 

How in the world has America descended to this low point in its history? We are a mega-gun society with over 400 million guns of many types. America is in a class by itself, a nation in which children go to school most every day and don’t know if they will even be able to go home. Yes, America is unique in the world, but not for the right reasons.  

It’s incomprehensible that we have these 50 highly incompetent politicians in the Senate who refuse to follow through with the wishes of about 80% of Americans. We’re supposed to have a government of, by, and for, the people.” But, the Repubs, armed with their deadly filibuster, say “that’s no more than wishful thinking.”

I’m flabbergasted when I hear some Republican talk about the 2nd Amendment which states, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This amendment was created to allow for the use of a militia, with citizens bearing arms against a foreign enemy, as was done against the British; not to have a cache of weapons. 

The Republicans, have bastardized the meaning of this amendment to allow Americans to think that they can even own and use a bazooka or a howitzer.

Message to Sens. Manchin and Sinema. You two will go down in history as among the worst, most unpatriotic members of Congress. That you consider the filibuster, Republicans’ most powerful tool of obstruction, to be sacred and you refuse to agree to amend it so that key initiatives such as voting rights and gun controls can be initiated. That is anti-American – and very troubling.

Will some 75 million Americans who support Republicans, those who have watched this latest massacre in Uvalde, cast their votes for these anti-American Republicans in November? If they do then they are also complicit, they also will be aiding and abetting the domestic terrorists. 

Suppose those 19 beautiful kids and two teachers who died in the school in Uvalde somehow came back to live for a few minutes and asked Republicans these questions: “We wanted to live a good life with our families and you, because you refused to enact effective gun controls, allowed another monstrous sub-human being to kill us. Why did you do this to us? Are your political beliefs more important than our lives?”

I keep hearing that the US is the exceptional, indispensable nation in the world. What?? How can that possibly be the case when America is the only nation in the world that has had hundreds of school mass shootings? 

Who are the very worst Republicans? They’re the ones I call the Great Pretenders, Sens. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Mitt Romney. Why are these self-proclaimed nice, decent, caring people the worst? It’s because they are the biggest fakes in Congress. When positive, effective legislation is presented by Democrats that they should sign, what do they do? They shut their eyes and ears, look the other way, and then side with their fellow complicit Republicans and vote NO! 

Here’s why Republicans are “with” the “shooters.” They have no problem letting 18-year-old shooters buy assault weapons. There are no restrictions and no background checks, and there is nothing to stop them from doing their killing, thanks to the Republicans.

We recently heard that a so-called nonpartisan group of Senators, Democrats, and Republicans, was formed to address this massive gun problem and come up with appropriate gun controls. Here are various controls that I would recommend to be put into effect to bring this situation under control:

An assault weapons ban

Prohibit the sale of “ghost” guns and assault weapons on the internet

Create comprehensive background checks

Regulate and monitor gun shows

Have to be 21 to buy any gun

We’ll see what happens. Will those in this Senate group, on both sides of the aisle, finally realize that nothing matters more than protecting America’s children, and that motivates them to put aside their differences and come up with appropriate gun controls? This may be America’s last chance to prevent these mass shootings from becoming an irreversible condition in this nation. 

We’re going to find out before long, not whether America is an exceptional, indispensable nation but, rather, whether it can still be called a civilized nation.


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