The shoddiest NFT grift confirms the carnival barker’s finale

What new, despicable broadside/ Ignites further campaign suicide?

Image Credit: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

The outcome gets more predictable,
Apart from crimes indictable. 
What totally boggles the mind
Is Trumpy’s knack to self-malign.

As crypto goes from bad to worse,
The Donald hunts suckers to coerce;
The trading cards, scurrilous grifting,
Are election-killing shapeshifting. 

Deflated into mock super-hero – 
Cartoon astronaut and vaquero, 
A stumble beyond “over the top”
Yet how revealing this instant flop. 

Even Bannon can’t take any more,
Aghast at Donald the dinosaur;
Unsettled as chronic lawbreaker, 
Self-mocked loser, carnival barker. 

Goodbye to Bannon’s champion
Reduced to desperate ruffian;
Here’s no figure of revolution,
Only bitter tasting disillusion.

With each empty play of ego,
Dumbfounded fans feel vertigo;
Here’s the failed insurrectionist
On display, unhinged delusionist. 

There’s no bottom to the infamy,
No coupe de grace to misery; 
What new, despicable broadside
Ignites further campaign suicide?

At last Trump’s gift to the GOP,
Fouling his own electability;
What spineless Repubs find detestable— 
Trump provides, now less electable. 

Worse than funding a criminal—
Is empowering this imbecile,
Unmitigated, tin ear yahoo,
Mouthing a cock-a-doodle-do. 

Lightyears past standards of fitness, 
Who denies Trumpism a sickness?
As cataclysm plays force majeure,
The majority cheers “nevermore.”


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