America has arrived at a crossroads of history; will it take the RIGHT road?

The judges of human history are waiting at the crossroads, waiting for the USA to choose the direction it will take.


Close observers of what has been happening in America might venture to say that this country, for some years, has been traveling down a road going in the wrong direction. Is such a controversial statement believable, and acceptable? Well, let’s discuss some of the issues and actions that might support such a conclusion.

First of all, the political system in America has become very contaminated, to the point that it makes you want to put on your nose plugs. On the one hand, there is no question that Democrats are far from perfect, too timid in stressful situations, often too slow to act, and not as forceful as they need to be. But, they still try their best to create and develop positive legislation to help solve the nation’s problems and improve all Americans’ lives. 

Anyone who disputes this statement needs to do some research to see w many meaningful programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Civil Rights Act, and many others the Democrats have created over the years.

When one tries to find these types of programs that Republicans have created to benefit Americans, that’s like looking for an ocean in the Mojave Desert. That’s not their stick, they are like blockers in a football game, they don’t create, they obstruct, they try to destroy. And, we keep hearing that one of their chief objectives is to severely reduce funding of important programs like Social Security, Medicare, and the Food Stamp program, to list just a few. Their main objective is to make lives better for the richest Americans, for as we know, those at the top need even more $$$, as much as they can get. Right?

It’s kind of like this: as America keeps trying to head in the right direction and steps on the gas pedal to go faster in the right direction, we have the Republicans, who are just passengers, reach over and step on the brake pedal and the emergency brake at the same time. That’s going nowhere fast, that’s what has been going on for way too long.

Talk about heading down the wrong road, how about The US Supreme Court, aka, the main subsidiary of the Republican Party, now headed up by Clarence and Jinny Thomas, with Samuel Alito as their primary “enforcer.” This trio carries out the dictates of those hiding behind the curtain of the Republican Party. Their greatest achievement to date has been their action to destroy Roe v. Wade. Think that was a blatant abuse of responsibility and power, just wait for what comes next. 

Is Justice blind? Do the wheels of justice turn slowly, mule-like? No, they turn even slower, let’s call it turtle-like, they barely move. This master criminal, Trump, has proven that the long arm of the law can’t touch him, and can’t even come close to reaching him. 

America has experienced some very dangerous times, but it has never had a president that tried to use the power of his office to replace its Democracy with an authoritarian/fascist state. It never had a president that stole US secret and top secret documents, one who ignited an insurrection against the US Capitol from the White House.

Who are his accomplices, those that are complicit in trying to take down our Democracy? They are, of course, a great many of his fellow Republicans. When they aren’t taking an actual part in his “endeavors”, they are looking the other way. “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

Yes, talk about racing down the wrong road, it’s time we admitted that America has turned into a gigantic shooting gallery with a society that possesses some 400 million guns/weapons. In 25 states, Americans can now own and carry guns in public, and they don’t have to obtain a license; that’s pure insanity. Who are the targets in this shooting gallery? You, me, and America’s little children.

How about violence personified? Want to watch a movie for enjoyment? Well, take a look at Netflix, Hulu, Roku, or some other movie outlets, and you’ll see that about 7 or 8 out of 10 movie deal with all kinds of murders, serial killers, kidnappings, torture, and other forms of extreme violence. 

Ask yourself the question, which politicians from which party do everything possible to continue the flow of weaponry into this society and block every attempt to ban assault weapons? That’s easy to answer. It’s the “Grand Old Party.”

America is unique, like no other nation on earth, it is truly exceptional in that it continues to furnish “military-style killer guns” to this nation’s crazies who then use them to slaughter our little children and teachers in their classrooms. Is this what is called a civilized nation, one that allows its children to be slaughtered? 

They don’t even do that to their kids in Putin’s Russia. This is a national disgrace, a black mark on the soul of this nation. It is beyond any comprehension how the people of America can tolerate the continued carnage of these kids and not take to the streets non-stop, to demand that this madness stop. But, as one after another mass shooting happens and nothing, not a thing ever happens, to put any kind of positive, meaningful controls on these killing machines. Only in America!

Let’s talk about the greatest threat to our system of government and our Democracy that most Americans never saw coming. Suddenly, one man, a very dangerous man, Donald J. Trump, arrived on the scene; and this nation, its government, judicial system, and society, became his targets. With his sinister intentions, he went on the attack against the pillars of our Democracy. And, for the past 6-7 years, there has been no let up in his traitorous attempts to have this country placed under authoritarian/fascist rule.

I keep hearing many of these “former US prosecutors” we see in the media all the time, who know full well that Trump is guilty to the nth degree, asking the same questions over and over: “but, did he actually have the intent” or “is he guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.” After a while it gets sickening.

He came so close to taking down this Democracy because we Americans, as a group, watched as he implemented his devious plan and did little to nothing to stop him in his tracks. And, you know what is even much worse? Those in America’s oldest, archaic, justice system, (the US Court System, the Supreme Court, and the Justice Dept.), with massive amounts of evidence against him, are to this day, letting him run loose in America; and watching as he prepares to run for president again. Do they want to give him another chance to see if he can transform our Democracy into an authoritarian/autocratic/fascist government?

Now, after America has arrived at the crossroads, what is the main consideration, the most pressing issue to address to have America go in the RIGHT direction? There are a great many from which to choose but one, in particular, is paramount; and that is Donald J. Trump, who must be indicted, convicted, and imprisoned for the rest of his life.

The judges of human history are waiting at the crossroads, waiting for the USA to choose the direction it will take. If this country, with its government, judicial system, and its recently awakened citizens, with the knowledge that Trump attempted to create and install a fascist state in this country, fails to do what is RIGHT, then America will go down in history as one of the greatest failures the world has ever seen.


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