Facile answer to made-up MAGA blight

Bottomless is this vicious pit –/ No lunacy they won’t commit.

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Does rashness drive the rabid right—
Or its “normalizing extremism” blight?
Hokum shows low MAGA confidence,
The sign of cheap-shot belligerence.

Right, let red states secede from blue,
The idiocy of staged jujitsu;
Let M. T. Greene bay at the moon 
Outdoing Trump as circus buffoon.

Dumpster diving, with crude folderol
No nuance for this MAGA a-hole:
Restrict voting when Dems do move
To flout infamies they can’t approve. 

Are voting rights now a transient lark— 
Denied because wackos madly bark?
Even this supreme right-wing Court
Will gag at elections as blood sport.  

Even worse—McCarthy’s heinous ploy
By which FOX bawds Jan 6 films deploy— 
And twist murderous travesty
Into benign MAGA pageantry. 

Fake news coverup matches the crime,
Disgusting, propagandist slime;
What’s worse than usurping power
But treating carnage as happy hour.

Worse and worse the widening gyre
As Trumpist flame-outs set all afire;
Bottomless is this vicious pit—
No lunacy they won’t commit.

If all this gimcrack frippery
Were merely trollish trickery:
But dumping bombs on civilized ways
Inflame more barbaric displays.

If smiting youngsters change no law 
What impedes a soundbite chainsaw?
Forget reforms when igniting fright: 
What MAGA sells is might makes right. 


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