Garland, Smith, Willis: Like watching grass trying to grow on the rock-solid ground in the winter

America’s full-of-holes System of Justice that Trump has beaten like a drum for quite some time now is like watching grass trying to grow on hard ground in the winter.


Have you ever seen anything so very slow, so lacking in making any real, significant progress, that smacks of “running out of clock”, a great fear of indicting a former president, or an inability to formulate a strong indictment in which the long arm of the law would finally wrap itself around Donald Trump? Have you?

I have these very important questions for these three prosecutors who, quite obviously, don’t seem to be overly concerned about important time constraints that exist: Can you get moving, are you able to make something happen, can you shift into high gear? Or, are you stuck in a deep rut?

Having watched how these “renowned” prosecutors have been plodding along in their investigations of Donald Trump’s serious crimes against the United States of America, given the fact that they have been provided with a monumental amount of evidence against him over two or more years, I am now lapsing into a deep sleep, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to wake up.

What in the world have these top-level government prosecutors been doing all this time when former prosecutors such as Andrew Weissman or Glen Kirschner probably would have wrapped up their investigations, at least a year ago, indicted Trump the criminal, and sentenced him to prison, or at least house arrest and a gag order, for the rest of his life?

It’s very difficult to understand what they are doing, but let’s at least try to do our best. Here are the main questions that need to be asked: 

Are they simply running out the clock? What is running out the clock? This from Wikipedia: in sports strategy, running out the clock (also known as running down the clock, stonewalling, killing the clock, chewing the clock, stalling, time-wasting (or time-wasting) or eating clock, is the practice of a winning team, allowing the clock to expire through a series of pre-selected plays, either to preserve a lead or hasten the end of a one-sided contest. Such measures expend time, but do not otherwise have a tactical purpose. 

Is this what the Big Three might be doing, running out the clock so they don’t have to indict Trump and, thereby, avert all the political uproar that might follow? 

Let’s examine the possibility that none of the three feel confident that they have a solid, winnable case, even with substantial evidence. Do they feel that even if they go to trial with a strong case against Trump, it will only take one juror, a kind of Trump “plant”, to exonerate him or send the case into a mistrial? 

Also, could it be that they are afraid to death to indict a former president because this has never been done before? Not long ago I watched AG Merrick Garland come before the microphones and declare that “no man is above the law” as an indication that he would have no problem with indicting Trump if the evidence called for it. I watched his eyes as he made that statement and I didn’t believe anything he said.

He doesn’t give one the impression that he is a man of courage and conviction and that’s about the way he is acting as we hear absolutely nothing from him or his spokespersons about the Trump investigation—nothing, nein, nada. He acts as if it’s no business for the American people to know anything.

We see one grand jury and one appeal after another, seemingly with no end. When are these Justice and state officials going to wake up to the fact that this guy Trump and his endless array of lawyers are making a fool out of the U.S. system of Justice? Sure, this system, the way it operates, sets up a wide array of roadblocks that Smith and others have to deal with. But, Smith, in particular, would appear to have what’s needed to initiate an indictment, and yet he keeps looking for more and more areas to add to the investigation.

While these investigators go on and on Trump is still running wild across this country and all over the media, which keeps giving him extremely valuable exposure that his rabid followers crave. He doesn’t even try to hide that he intends to replace America’s democracy with a fascist government. Do they get it? If they wake up to that fact then what they need to do is to stop waffling, stop vacillating, and shift their investigations into high gear. But, can they, will they?

What about DA Fanni Willis in Georgia who seemed to have a lock-down winnable case? Well, I guess she needed a long rest so let’s just leave her be.

Do these three prosecutors fully understand that 2024 is right around the corner and we’re already starting to hear about Trump getting ready to declare his candidacy for president? Do they understand that when he announces his candidacy, which will be very soon, then their job will get one hell of a lot harder? 

Do they understand that if they continue to “drag their feet” and, as a result, Trump is somehow re-elected to the presidency, taking office on Jan. 25, 2025, then he, a sitting president, cannot be indicted? Do they understand the monumental damage that this professional destruction could then do to this democracy, its government, and society?

AG Merrick Garland, continuing to stay out of sight somewhere in the depths of the Justice Dept., should be fired by President Biden post haste so all the delays and all the waffling, hopefully, might somehow come to an END. Maybe Jack Smith can get the “job” done when he has no albatross hanging around his neck.

We just heard that Smith has been given some special help in his investigation as Mike Pence recently testified before his grand jury. Does he know what to do next? Smith, with tons of evidence against The Donald, is now said to be ready to go off on yet another tangent and investigate him for some kind of wire fraud. 

I think the combination of Garland/Smith is trying to set a new world record for the length of an investigation, aiming to break the old world record of 8 years long that was done in Kyrgyzstan in 1899. Well, I wish them a lot of luck and I think they have a great chance to do just that. 

One last question: Will this terrible nightmare, this deadly curse hanging over America, this appalling, morally despicable presence of Donald J. Trump, ever come to an end?


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