What in the world is happening in and to America? Has it lost its directional compass?

What in the world is happening in and to America, that’s the question that we Americans must answer as our democracy, our republic, comes under intense political attack, and may well become a thing of the past, if the former president, Donald J. Trump, is reelected.


Right now, this guy Trump, who is described by numerous noted psychiatrists across America, to be one step away from a mental breakdown, is running all around this country painting a picture of what America will be like when he converts our democracy into a fascist/authoritarian state.

And, a pretty picture it most certainly, will not be. He has indicated that he will use his authoritarian rule to “rip and tear” at the vitals of what he calls this highly corrupted government and American society. I firmly think that he sees himself as a messenger of God who has been sent to restore America to its previous greatness before it’s too late. 

We expect our incoming president to be talking about all the great things he will do for all the American people when he gets into the White House. But, that’s not Trump’s thing; He never talks about doing great things for people, all he ever talks about is how he will tear down or destroy various agencies or get rid of the many enemies has made over the past years, and there are very many indeed. 

Let’s think about what America will be like if this lying son of a witch finds some way to cheat his way back into the presidency, and he is well on the way to doing just that. He has a sizable portion of the people mesmerized, locked up in his un-American rhetoric. 

Let’s think about the things that Trump rarely if ever talks about because they never enter his mind and the terrible things he represents:

When was the last time you heard him lament about the gigantic problem of mass shootings in America and the fact that you or I or any American can’t go anywhere in this country where we can’t be gunned down in an instant by an “illegal” AR-15 or AK47? 

Did he, the King of Debt, promise to reduce the national debt? Yes, he did but, sad to say, it went the other way as his nonsensical actions increased it by $7.8 trillion to a total of $30.9 trillion, the third biggest increase of any presidential administration. 

He is not kidding when he talks about becoming a dictator when elected. Think about his dictator heroes, those he reveres and thinks like, Putin of Russia, Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, and Viktor Orban of Hungary. He just loves these men who know how to remain in power as long as they want to.

Trump has defended the Jan. 6 jailed insurrectionists as being wrongly convicted; in fact, I just heard that he recently called them hostages, obviously meaning that they were just like those poor hostages held in Gaza. Every time this nerd opens his mouth the message gets a lot worse. 

I could go on forever but let’s just put forth just one more. Let’s review all of Trump’s greatest achievements during his time in office. They are_____, ______, ______, and last and best of all of them, ____________. Now, that’s quite an impressive list of his greatest accomplishments, right? Now it’s time to talk about President Biden and try to determine if he should even run to become president once again.

First and foremost: can someone wake this current President out of his deep sleep? Trump is trashing everything about him every day and, for the most part. Biden just keeps taking the beatings and doesn’t do much to retaliate.

For those who think Biden at the age of 80 is still just fine, what if he “loses it” at the halfway point in the campaign, what then? Well, it would be a total disaster and Trump might easily walk into the presidency—that is if he’s not in some kind of jail cell for life. 

So, what if Biden decides not to run, what might then happen? The list of other than Biden candidates is so small we can barely see what’s on it. VP Kamala Harris would immediately be a candidate but not a good one because of her nonperformance in her role to date. Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer could be a good one. but she is not very well known.

My favorite candidate would be California Governor Gavin Newsom who wants Biden to step aside so he can run. He is very strong-minded and has been on various media outlets making himself and his opinions known, but he says he is not a candidate because he still supports Biden. But, I don’t think he is going to go away, so let’s see what happens.

Maybe it’s now becoming evident what more and more of the electorate has been saying, that Biden is just too old to even try to run a new, fresh presidential campaign. I am so worried that these early polls are correct when they indicate that Trump is leading Biden in general and also in each of the swing states.

Now, as we end this discussion, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about one of this nation’s greatest problems of all, the US Supreme Court, which no longer bases its decisions on what the Founders placed in the Constitution but, rather, what they feel is politically expedient. That’s what they did they did when they killed Roe v. Wade.

Let’s watch what this court does when it decides what to do when it takes on the Colorado Supreme Court case in which that court determined that Trump was ineligible to be on the state’s upcoming presidential ballot because of what the 14th Amendment, Section 3, clearly stated; in short, that he was ineligible because he took part in an insurrection of this country. Let’s see what they do in this, a monumental decision which will shake the walls of the Supreme Court such as we have never seen.

So, the main question remains, has America lost its directional compass, does it no longer know which direction it should take going into the future? Well, the American people better wake up and determine the right way ahead, or Mr. Trump will show them his way, and they will find that it will be like living in a nightmare with no ending.


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Michael Payne is an independent progressive activist. His writings deal with social, economic, political and foreign policy issues; and especially with the great dangers involved with the proliferation of perpetual war, the associated defense industry, and the massive control that Corporate America holds over this government and our election process; all which are leading this nation down the road to eventual financial ruin if the conditions are not reversed. He is a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois and a U.S. Army veteran.