Over 25,000 children dead or injured in six-month siege amidst ongoing Gaza conflict

The scars of conflict are not only physical but also deeply psychological.


The ongoing conflict in Gaza has cast a devastating shadow, particularly over its youngest residents. Reports from Save the Children reveal a chilling reality: more than 13,800 children have been killed, and over 12,000 injured in just six months. This staggering statistic signifies that more than 1 in every 50 children in Gaza before the conflict began has either been maimed or killed.

The relentless bombings have left not only a trail of destruction but also countless young lives hanging in the balance. Hospitals, once havens of hope, are now overwhelmed with the influx of small, battered bodies. “Doctors in the region say that Israeli snipers have also been targeting children.”

Beyond the immediate physical injuries, a more insidious threat looms over Gaza’s children: starvation. The blockade enforced by Israel has severely restricted food supplies, plunging half of Gaza’s population into the clutches of potential famine. In some parts of northern Gaza, children have access to only an average of 245 calories a day, a stark contrast to the nutritional needs of a growing child. This dire situation has led Oxfam to report that “half of the population of Gaza is at imminent risk of famine.”

The scars of conflict are not only physical but also deeply psychological. The UNICEF report highlights a dire need for mental health assistance among all 1.1 million children in Gaza. The constant fear, loss, and destruction have sown seeds of trauma that may take generations to heal.

Displacement has become a grim reality for many, with families torn apart and homes reduced to rubble. “Our children are seeing things no child should ever see,” a father from Gaza City conveyed to Save the Children, emphasizing the profound impact on the innocence of childhood.

Xavier Joubert, director for Save the Children in the occupied Palestinian territory, eloquently sums up the situation: “This war is not only destroying Gaza but also the fundamental tenets of childhood.” His words echo the urgent need for international intervention to halt the violence and provide immediate, unrestricted humanitarian aid.

The plight of Gaza’s children, amid the backdrop of a war that shows no signs of abating as Joubert implores, “The world must act now…to end the horrifying destruction of life in Gaza.” It’s a call to action that we cannot afford to ignore—for the sake of a generation whose future hangs in the balance.


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