Saturday, October 23, 2021

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What is the Peace Dividend strategy?

Tell the truth about our endless wars and bloated DOD budgets!

Do you want a new Cold War?

Because that’s just where the Biden administration is clearly taking us.

The US killer drone program stays afloat on the back of...

A wrongly targeted Afghan aid worker and his family are among the latest casualties.

Personal interview: Lt. Col. William J. Astore What are the Prospects...

We speak with William J. Astore, a retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel, about his ideas for improving the prospects for peace.

Stop calling the military budget a ‘defense’ budget

Let’s blow away the linguistic fog. The Pentagon budget is not a “defense” budget.

Why the Taliban’s promise to stop the opium trade rings hollow

Uncertainty abounds over what the Taliban’s opium policy will actually look like. In the meantime, the farmers are planting the seeds for next year’s crop right now.

The names you’ll never know

Over the last 20 years, the United States has conducted more than 93,300 air strikes that killed between 22,679 and 48,308 civilians.

Former member of Afghan Parliament says U.S. war ushered in “another...

“International solidarity, we can initiate … by creating harmony and unity and working together — not with governments, but the people.”

The profits of war

How corporate America cashed in on the post-9/11 pentagon spending surge.

The US military, post-Afghanistan

Can we finally give peace a try?


The persecution of Steven Donziger

“Why am I the one being locked up? I helped hold [Chevron] accountable.”

The big lie in Rahm Emanuel’s Senate testimony

Now all eyes will be on Merkley – and other Democratic senators who profess that “Black lives mater” and that police need to be held accountable – to see whether they vote to confirm this tainted mayor and elevate him to a prestigious ambassadorship.

What is the Peace Dividend strategy?

Tell the truth about our endless wars and bloated DOD budgets!

Greta Thunberg on climate promises versus actions

Thunberg sat down in her Stockholm kitchen to talk about what she expects—and hopes—will come from the global event.

The hypocrisy of the federal spending debate

We must not let our lawmakers get away with this charade of fiscal responsibility to defeat Build Back Better.