Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Tag: humanitarian crisis

Oxfam report: Israel slashes water access in Gaza by 94% amid...

The report details how Israel’s sustained attacks on water infrastructure have left Palestinians in Gaza with just a fraction of the water they need for basic survival.

Appeals court dismisses case against Biden administration for complicity in alleged...

The three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco affirmed a lower court’s dismissal of the lawsuit against President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Report from Gaza: Israel attacks schools & orders Palestinians to leave...

An Israeli airstrike killed at least 30 Palestinians at a school housing displaced people near Khan Younis, mostly women and children.

UN experts declare Israeli ‘targeted starvation campaign’ has led to Gaza...

A group of UN experts accuse Israel of genocide as famine takes hold in Gaza, claiming the lives of dozens, mostly children.

Lancet study: Gaza death toll could surpass 186,000 due to indirect...

New analysis highlights the devastating indirect effects of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, suggesting the true death toll could reach nearly 200,000, far surpassing official counts.

You can’t turn back the clock on genocide

Is Israel’s collective punishment now simply a fact of life (and death)?

Report from Rafah: UNICEF decries Israel’s ‘war on children’ as starvation...

While a full ceasefire is still vital, “any pause in the bombing is good news for children,” says UNICEF spokesperson James Elder.

When Israel burned refugees alive, establishment media called it a ‘tragic...

As the world watched on social media and responded in outrage, US corporate media, once again, provided cover for the perpetrators of Israel’s genocide.

IDF operation rescues 4 hostages amid deadly assault, over 200 Palestinians...

Israeli forces conducted a large-scale rescue mission, freeing four hostages from Gaza while over 200 Palestinians, including children, were killed in the process.

Israeli strike on Gaza school kills over 30, including women and...

An Israeli airstrike on a UNRWA school in Gaza has resulted in significant civilian casualties, prompting Spain to join an international genocide case against Israel.


What’s worse than a devouring, criminal president? A deified, raging outlaw excited by violence

Trumpism is not a slippery slope but a mountain avalanche on steroids.

EPA’s $4.3 billion initiative to combat climate pollution across 30 states

The EPA’s announcement of $4.3 billion in funding for 25 projects aims to address climate pollution and advance environmental justice across 30 states, marking a significant step in the fight against climate change.

Outrage and calls for justice after Sonya Massey’s fatal shooting by police in Illinois

Campaigners and political leaders across the United States respond with outrage and calls for justice after the release of body camera footage showing the deadly police shooting of Sonya Massey, an unarmed 36-year-old Black woman from Springfield, Illinois.

Can humanity repair its relationship with nature? Weaving Earth Education Center offers a promising...

This all-ages education center reminds us that “we are a part of this earth, not apart from it.”

Biden withdraws from 2024 race, endorses Kamala Harris for historic nomination

In a historic move, President Joe Biden announces his withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race, endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris and reshaping the Democratic primary landscape.