Low-life Supremes openly break supreme perfidy records

Without term limits and strong ethics log,/ Our fate mimics that water-boiled frog.


Who ever thought the Supreme Court
Would spark the loudest, repulsive snort?
That scandals galore, so thick and fast,
Even the cynical would flabbergast?

Who’d imagine judicial disgraces
To compete with Trump’s legal cases?
Black robes once deemed fair and just
Approach the Outlaw in mass distrust?

Behold Trump, the forever defendant
On cherry-picked lackeys now dependent;
Have we banished conflicts of interest—
Debasing “justice” as sordid slugfest? 

The irony is—don’t blame Trumpster
For the Thomas-Alito dumpster;
While DT’s three picks are complicit,
Two scoffers drive the unholy pivot.

Despite growing clamors to recuse,
That would force admissions of abuse;
That’s no more likely than resignation—
But what a trigger to heal the nation. 

Imagine Biden with two new picks,
Rest assured they won’t be pricks;
Removal offers the quickest vaccine
To stave off more shenanigans obscene.

If scurrilous judges reign ‘til they drop,
We’re infected with contagion, full-stop;
Without term limits and strong ethics log,
Our fate mimics that water-boiled frog.

Instead, we’re stuck with lifelong hacks
Unless we wield the impeachment axe.
Behold real fixes to this busted system—
More honor, truthfulness and wisdom.

It’s bad enough Rethugs taint the House,
Servile, with only treason to espouse;
Bewitched by Trump-style fascism,
They mow down freedoms like botulism.

That billionaire clout already rules,
A coarse, selfish babel of fools;
Compared to that, Supremes are fixable,
The best counter to the Great Finagler.  

Thus rank extremism inflames the law,
Dual spasms of arrogant chutzpah;
Either democracy learns to self-heal,
Or brace for the monstrous, fascist heel


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