Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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The shoddiest NFT grift confirms the carnival barker’s finale

What new, despicable broadside/ Ignites further campaign suicide?

The worst treason by the Trump cult? The politics of secession, the violent refusal...

Only deviant voters want nutcases like Stephen Miller as attorney general, Steve Bannon as sec’y of state, or Rudy Giuliani as press propaganda secretary.

As RFK Jr. shifts his 2024 strategy, he’s bad news for progressives

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offers progressives a mishmash of appealing statements, “free market” corporatism and assorted political toxins.

The election deniers on the ballot: What you need to know

If we don’t stop them from taking over the election process, we can kiss what’s left of our democracy goodbye.

Our worst, lyingest president is also the world’s most delusional seer—an appalling Chicken Little

An America that dares refuse Trump is by definition unworthy, even illegitimate, thus perversely deserves a fate like Humpty Dumpty.

Trump World 2025

The most terrifying war that Trump is planning is his attack on America.

Hollow men: All the cowards of Jan. 6

I propose that we alter the American idiom “to haul ass” from now on, substituting “to hawley ass.”

‘The GOP is irretrievably broken’: House adjourns after McCarthy fails to win speakership

"Unfortunately, it's the American people who will pay the price for House Republicans' inability to govern."

Profiting from Pardons: Giuliani aide told CIA whistleblower a Trump pardon would cost $2...

“They don’t see this as a bribe. This is the way Washington works.”

How badly will today’s rip-roaring ‘transparency’ surge scar MAGA rampages, McCarthy, FOX and Trump?

If serial, truth-telling transparency doesn’t wreck Republicanism as a viable governing party, scaring electability, voters will only have themselves to blame.


An urgent plea to leftists in the 6 battleground states likely to decide the...

If we want to remain a country where we still have the ability to agitate for justice and equality, then it’s incumbent on us to vote with that in mind.

Global uprising: Protests erupt worldwide against economic support for Gaza conflict

The wave of protests swept major cities across the globe, with significant disruptions reported on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, downtown Los Angeles, and key transport routes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wizz Air commits to cutting-edge eco-friendly fuel made from human waste

Turning Waste into Wayfare: Discover how Wizz Air is propelling the future of flight with its groundbreaking move to fuel planes with a resource as ubiquitous as human waste. A clean sky is no longer just a dream but a destination.

‘Should be a global wake-up call’: Coral reefs suffer fourth mass bleaching event

This phenomenon signals a dire warning about the escalating impacts of climate change on these vital underwater ecosystems.

Donald Trump faces groundbreaking criminal trial as first former U.S. President in the dock

With jury selection underway, the world watches as this unprecedented trial unfolds, potentially reshaping America's political landscape.