Tuesday, February 25, 2020

C. Michael White

C. Michael White
C, Michael White, Pharm.D., FCP, FCCP is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy. His ~350 publications resulted in 11675 citations and an H-index of 57, placing him within an elite group of researchers. He also has a book called The Part-Time Diet. Dr. White’s research interests are in the areas of comparative effectiveness and preventing adverse events from drugs, devices, herbs, and illicit substances. His work has been published in JAMA, Lancet, Annals of Internal Medicine and Circulation (among others) with research coverage by NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, BBC, CNN and hundreds of other (inter)national media outlets. He has a recurring segment on a local TV station where he shares medical news with the public (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZrPgfEMHpv4_MfEm1W_tRQ), has OpEd pieces with over 566,000 readers for The Conversation, and appeared on the Dr Oz show in January of 2018. He is a Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacologists and The American College of Clinical Pharmacy and is on the editorial boards of the Annals of Pharmacotherapy and Pharmacy Practice News. https://pharmacypractice.uconn.edu/hopes/


What will happen to Bernie?

“Make no mistake—in a world where Sanders falls short of the majority of delegates, he will have the nomination stolen from him again.”

Sander’s monumental mistake: failing to explain exactly what a democratic socialist government is

It’s time that Sanders speaks out, explains what democratic socialism is and reminds Americans that it is a central part of this country, and that’s why he espouses that political ideology.

Yale study says Medicare for All would save US $450 billion, prevent nearly 70,000...

The study in The Lancet found that Medicare for All, supported by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, will save money and is more cost-effective than “Medicare for All Who Want It."

Wells Fargo agrees to pay $3B over massive fraud scandal

“We are hopeful that this $3 billion penalty, along with the personnel and structural changes at the Bank, will ensure that such conduct will not reoccur.”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews suggests four more years of Trump might be better for Democratic...

"Do they want Bernie to take over the Democratic Party in perpetuity? Maybe they'd rather wait 4 years and put in a Democrat that they like."