Friday, May 17, 2024

Christopher R. Dennison and Jessica Finkeldey

Christopher Dennison is an assistant professor of sociology at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. His research focuses on the individual and spillover effects of criminal justice system contact as well as how college enrollment and completion relate to crime and well-being across the life course. Jessica Finkeldey is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at SUNY Fredonia, teaching courses such as intro to criminal justice, intro to corrections, and criminology. Most broadly, her research examines the predictors of antisocial behavior and contact with the criminal justice system as well as the collateral consequences of contact with the justice system.


Trump’s alleged $1 billion campaign deal with Big Oil: $110 billion windfall revealed

An investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged quid pro quo offer to oil executives uncovers potential tax savings of $110 billion, raising serious ethical, legal, and environmental concerns.

16 Democrats join GOP to pass controversial Israel Security Assistance Support Act

In a surprising bipartisan move, 16 Democrats break ranks to support a GOP-led bill compelling U.S. military aid to Israel, despite President Biden’s veto threat and significant human rights concerns.

Oil companies use paid news media partnerships to protect ‘social license to operate,’ documents...

Content created by the in-house advertising studios of major media is coming under growing scrutiny.

Trump’s alleged $1 billion oil deal exposed: Media blackout raises alarms

A stunning quid pro quo promise to Big Oil executives by former President Donald Trump receives scant coverage, raising questions about media integrity and democratic accountability.

Biden administration moves to reclassify marijuana: A major shift in US drug policy

President Biden’s Department of Justice takes historic steps to reclassify marijuana, aiming to end a ‘failed approach’ and recognize its medical benefits, sparking mixed reactions from lawmakers and advocates.