Friday, September 24, 2021

Lisa Hardy, Gwendolyn Saul and Kerry F. Thompson

Lisa Hardy is a medical anthropologist studying health, well-being, equity, and COVID-19. Her past research focuses on minority health and policy in the US southwest. She directs the Social Science Community Engagement Lab and serves as the current Editor of the journal Practicing Anthropology. Gwendolyn Saul is an ethnographer and cultural anthropologist interested in creative and innovative ways to implement critical Indigenous theory into museum spaces and practices. My research and scholarship has focused on oral histories, museum studies, contemporary Indigenous art, and critical Indigenous theory. The political and social ideals that shape Kerry Thompson's research and writing in anthropology and archaeology include: social justice, inclusion, and equity for Indigenous and other marginalized people. Primarily her research and teaching are focused on different facets of Indigenous perspectives and paradigms in archaeology and anthropology.


China – Cultural revolution 2.0 and great leap backward?

Young people in China and America face similar problems. Both countries need a profound revolution but it must be real and ground up, not a populist sham from those in power.

How an ancient irrigation method makes sustainable life possible in the U.S. Southwest

Time-proven acequia irrigation systems already in use in New Mexico make it possible for people to thrive in arid regions.

“We are unstoppable!” Some of the lessons from Occupy Wallstreet, 10 years later

“One of the main contributions of Occupy was ‘the 99 percent.’”

Babies poop has ten times more microplastics than in adults, study finds

“Unfortunately, with the modern lifestyle, babies are exposed to so many different things for which we don't know what kind of effect they can have later in their life.”

WHO updates Air Quality Guidelines

The WHO determined that air pollution inflicts on human health at even lower concentrations than previously understood.