Sunday, January 24, 2021

Lisa Hardy, Gwendolyn Saul and Kerry F. Thompson

Lisa Hardy is a medical anthropologist studying health, well-being, equity, and COVID-19. Her past research focuses on minority health and policy in the US southwest. She directs the Social Science Community Engagement Lab and serves as the current Editor of the journal Practicing Anthropology. Gwendolyn Saul is an ethnographer and cultural anthropologist interested in creative and innovative ways to implement critical Indigenous theory into museum spaces and practices. My research and scholarship has focused on oral histories, museum studies, contemporary Indigenous art, and critical Indigenous theory. The political and social ideals that shape Kerry Thompson's research and writing in anthropology and archaeology include: social justice, inclusion, and equity for Indigenous and other marginalized people. Primarily her research and teaching are focused on different facets of Indigenous perspectives and paradigms in archaeology and anthropology.


Keystone XL pipeline canceled. Here’s what it means for the future fight against fossil...

“Rescinding KXL’s permit is a promising early signal that the new administration is listening to our concerns and will take issues of climate and Indigenous justice seriously. We have to insist that it not stop there.”

The roots of the Capitol insurrection

Allowing them and their followers to distance themselves from what happened would be the kind of strategic blunder we too often see from the centrist wing of the Democratic Party.

Conservatives Criticize Michelle Obama For Bare Arms, Stay Silent On Melania Trump’s Nude Poses

Trump's wife, possible future First Lady, receives no criticism for nude photoshoots while Michelle Obama is insulted for bare arms.

Nonviolent activists laid the groundwork to oppose a coup. They may have saved the...

Activists prepared for months, expecting Trump to steal the election. They were right, and he failed.

Enough of the T***p! End the White House Trumpery!

Let’s all make ‘trump’ a dirty word and restore the Old English term ‘trumpery’ to modern vernacular.