Sunday, December 5, 2021

Malaka Rodrigo

Malaka Rodrigo
Malaka Rodrigo is a naturalist with an IT background that took environmental journalism in 2007 to follow his belief ‘conservation through awareness’. He won many awards for his work and writes extensively on biodiversity, wildlife, oceans, water, climate change and environmental issues.


As executives hike prices, US corporations rake in biggest profits since 1950

"Corporations can get away with it because they have too much power in the economy."

Former Ohio deputy charged with murder after shooting man in back

Initially on administrative leave from the sheriff’s office since the shooting, Jason Meade retired in July 2021.

Beware fashionable, doomsday pessimism, obstacles to progressive reforms

Current evidence presages more bad news for the Trumpist right before 2024. Democrats must only hold the center to replay in 2024 its 2020 triumphs.

Countdown to World War III?

It may arrive sooner than you think...

How to counter the growing threat of agent provocateurs

Those who want movements to fail will try to lure them into violence. A new handbook shows how to reduce that risk.