Thursday, June 8, 2023

Mikhala Kaseweter

Mikhala Kaseweter, MSc, is a self-professed bluestocking and friend to countless species. She currently advances right relationships with nonhuman animals through her work at the Better Food Foundation, as featured on Medium and in The Times of Israel. Prior work included a brief organic farming stint and an internship at IFAW. A native Midwesterner, she is now a constituent of Bernie Sanders, residing in Vermont with one human and three felines.


Clinging bitterly to guns and religion

What will it take to convince Americans to turn their backs on empire and war before it’s too late?

‘Enough is enough’: Australian PM throws support behind movement to free Julian Assange

A growing number of politicians are calling on the United States to drop its case against WikiLeaks founder and Australian citizen Julian Assange.

Brazil’s beef industry linked to deforestation in Amazon

800 million trees were cut down in six years due to cattle ranching, which accounts for 80 percent of current deforestation throughout the Amazon.

When 3 men richer than 165 million people, Sanders says working class must ‘come...

Big-money special interests "want to divide us up," said the independent senator at a living wage rally in South Carolina, "and we are determined to bring working people together."

AI Genie is out of the bottle—UN should take the challenge to make it...

The global community should be comforted knowing that the leadership of the United Nations already knows well what steps are to be taken at this juncture.