Saturday, November 27, 2021

Rosalyn LaPier

Rosalyn R. LaPier wrote this article for The Conversation. Rosalyn is an award winning Indigenous writer and environmental historian. She studies the intersection of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) learned from elders and the academic study of history and religion of Indigenous people. She is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe in Montana and Métis.


Normalizing vigilantism? The American right’s reaction to the Rittenhouse verdict

“This might be interpreted across the far right as a type of permission slip to do this kind of thing or to seek out altercations in this way.”

Sociology can help the climate crisis

Climate change is caused by people acting in groups, after all, and sociology is the study of people acting in groups.

Ethiopia conflict by US design

The U.S. and her puppets (UK, EU etc) have, to the incredulity of many, stood behind the terrorists and not the government of Ethiopia, or the Ethiopian people.

The big industry that COP26 failed to tackle

Our broken and inhumane food system is a huge source of emissions, so why isn’t it a major part of the climate solution?

How unaccountable institutions are shaping your life

Three centers of power increasingly dominate our lives: The Supreme Court, the Federal Reserve, and Big Tech.