Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Rosalyn LaPier

Rosalyn R. LaPier wrote this article for The Conversation. Rosalyn is an award winning Indigenous writer and environmental historian. She studies the intersection of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) learned from elders and the academic study of history and religion of Indigenous people. She is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe in Montana and Métis.


Trump just admitted on live television he will ‘terminate’ Social Security and Medicare if...

"We just heard it straight from Trump's own mouth: If reelected, he will destroy Social Security."

Alert! Social Security and Medicare are in critical danger

Trump launches attack on key programs for the elderly...

An ‘unethical experimentation on children’: Digital rights groups oppose facial recognition in schools backed...

"The research shows that prematurely deploying the technology without understanding its implications would be unethical and dangerous."

A good news storyline: Trump repudiated, Biden steady but insufficient. Enter systemic reformers.

Biden is no FDR. To expect systemic reform from Biden is naive but to envision him as a stepping stone is good progressive strategy.

Conservative group board members make millions in pandemic aid yet lobby against unemployment benefits

“If these groups are concerned the government is spending too much during this historic crisis, they are welcome to return their taxpayer-funded bailouts.”