Friday, January 27, 2023

Samuel Cruz

Rev. Dr. Samuel Cruz is professor of church and society at Union Theological Seminary. He has published columns on civil rights for El Diario and the New York Daily News, and has been a commentator on MSNBC, WBAI, Univision, most recently advocating for humane immigration policies, marriage equality, opposing “stop and frisk” police practices and critiquing the prison industrial complex. Rev. Cruz is senior pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Brooklyn, New York. Follow him on Twitter: @revdrcruz.


US follows Germany’s lead to send battle tanks to Ukraine

The U.S. agreed to send 31 tanks, and Germany agreed to 14.

What can the United States bring to the peace table for Ukraine?

The United States bears its share of responsibility for this crisis that is destroying Ukraine and placing the world in "unprecedented danger," as the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' new Doomsday Clock statement calls it.

The one thing that would make elections better for everyone 

Ranked choice voting makes elections less painful, less expensive, and can help make our government more inclusive and responsive to what people actually want.

Why union workers are a first line of defense to protect Social Security

Is the Republican plan to move the goalposts on those already paying into Social Security going to force younger Americans to work themselves into the grave?

Simply PFAS: Lawsuit claims ‘all natural’ orange juice brand contains toxic forever chemicals

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are a growing concern because of the many health impacts associated with exposure and their tendency to persist in the human body for months to years and in the environment for thousands of years.