Monday, June 5, 2023

Samuel Cruz

Rev. Dr. Samuel Cruz is professor of church and society at Union Theological Seminary. He has published columns on civil rights for El Diario and the New York Daily News, and has been a commentator on MSNBC, WBAI, Univision, most recently advocating for humane immigration policies, marriage equality, opposing “stop and frisk” police practices and critiquing the prison industrial complex. Rev. Cruz is senior pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Brooklyn, New York. Follow him on Twitter: @revdrcruz.


Trump’s repeat “birthright citizenship” babble: Dead wrong on the facts, the law and amendments

Trump’s latest scam again pushes the envelope to find new ways for this loser to lose again.

For media, giving in to debt limit blackmail was a triumph of bipartisanship

When Congress passed the debt ceiling deal hammered out by President Joe Biden and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, centrist media celebrated.

This Pride month let’s remember: corporations are not allies

The Target company’s capitulation to homophobes and transphobes is a testament to the dangers of relying on corporations to uphold social justice.

70% of California’s beaches could disappear by 2100, study finds

“It is likely that many beaches in California will require substantial management efforts in order to maintain existing beach widths and the many services they provide.”

The Hard Hat Riot: A forgotten flashpoint in America’s culture wars

The Hard Hat Riot had immediate political consequences—a seminal  moment in America’s culture wars.