How Summer Lee’s landslide victory defies billionaire influence in politics

In a resounding rejection of billionaire-funded opposition, U.S. Rep. Summer Lee secures a primary win, highlighting a growing resistance against corporate and dark money in American politics.

Image Credit: Nate Smallwood/Bloomberg via Getty Images

U.S. Representative Summer Lee’s victory in the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District has been hailed as a monumental win against the tide of dark money in politics. Facing off against Bhavini Patel, whose campaign was significantly bankrolled by billionaire Republican donor Jeffrey Yass, Lee’s triumph not only underscores her political acumen but also signals a potent rejection of external billionaire influence by the electorate.

Summer Lee, a distinguished member of the progressive “Squad,” has been a vocal critic of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and an advocate for a cease-fire in Gaza. Her campaign has focused on defending democracy, expanding rights, and championing the needs of marginalized communities. Opponent Bhavini Patel, a local councilmember in Edgewood, Pennsylvania, adopted a starkly different approach, aligning herself with Republican and pro-Israel voters and branding Lee as “fringe.”

The election saw an influx of funds from Jeffrey Yass, Pennsylvania’s wealthiest individual and a known ally of conservative causes. Through the misleadingly named Moderate PAC, Yass poured hundreds of thousands into Patel’s campaign, aiming to shift the district’s progressive stance. This funding strategy highlights a growing trend where affluent individuals attempt to influence election outcomes through substantial financial contributions to preferred candidates.

With over 95% of votes tallied, Lee led Patel by more than 20 percentage points—a clear indicator of the district’s alignment with Lee’s progressive policies over Patel’s externally influenced agenda. The community’s strong turnout and support for Lee suggest a robust backing for her policies and a critical stance against the manipulation of local elections by dark money.

While AIPAC and other similar organizations have historically spent large sums to oppose Lee and her colleagues within the Squad, their noticeable absence in this race was strategic. AIPAC chose to sideline itself possibly due to the anticipated inefficacy of their involvement against a well-organized grassroots campaign. This decision marks a significant shift in their engagement strategy and reflects a broader recalibration within external political groups concerning their involvement in elections with strong incumbent progressives.

Leaders from various political action groups have been vocal about the implications of Lee’s victory. Rahna Epting, executive director of MoveOn Political Action, emphasized that Lee’s win represented a sound rejection of MAGA dark money. Similarly, Alexandra Rojas, executive director of Justice Democrats, lauded the collective strength of the progressive movement which helped Lee out-organize formidable opponents.

Lee’s victory is not just a personal success but a beacon for similar progressive campaigns across the nation. It demonstrates that grassroots mobilization can effectively counteract the influence of substantial financial backing from dark money sources. This win is likely to energize other progressive candidates facing well-funded opposition in upcoming elections, setting a precedent for successful grassroots campaigning.

The prevalence of super PACs and dark money in elections continues to stir legal and ethical debates. Critics argue that the unchecked flow of money from opaque sources undermines the democratic process, allowing wealthy individuals and corporations to wield disproportionate influence over politics and policy-making.

Summer Lee commented on her victory, stating, “Our victory is a rejection of right-wing interests and Republican billionaires using corporate super PACs to target Black and brown Democrats in our primaries—be it AIPAC or Moderate PAC or any other MAGA billionaire in Democratic clothing. Western PA is the blueprint for the future all of America deserves.”


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