Thursday, August 13, 2020

Sarah J. Morath

Sarah J. Morath
Sarah J. Morath is a clinical associate professor at the University of Houston Law Center. She writes about environmental, food, and animal law and policy, and is currently writing Our Plastic Problem: Costs and Solutions, forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in 2021.


Lawsuit filed after police handcuff 8-year-old boy on video

“My son has a disability and the authorities tried to make him a criminal.”

Trump just admitted on live television he will ‘terminate’ Social Security and Medicare if...

"We just heard it straight from Trump's own mouth: If reelected, he will destroy Social Security."

Donald the Dunce: He flunked Poli Sci 101

It’s hard to cheat when the whole world is watching...

The Federal Agency designed to protect workers is trying to destroy unions and weaken...

The Trump administration continually seeks new ways to rig the system against working people.

‘Just insane’: As pandemic rages and hunger soars, Trump USDA under fire for blocking...

"It looks like people will lose their benefits."