Monday, July 15, 2024

Pledge to buy non-GMO

Have you ever asked yourself why our food is being produced and modified by the biotech industry?

The Whalers Are Long Gone, but These Great Whales Are Still Struggling

Researchers have created the first reliable population estimates for the now-rare New Zealand southern right whale.

‘Reclaim Our Schools’: Cities Rally Nationwide to Save Public Education

Thousands gather to protest budget cuts, high-stakes testing, and state takeovers of public schools

Activist Vows to Keep Building Tiny Houses for L.A.’s Homeless

Citing safety concerns, officials keep yanking Elvis Summers’ miniature homes off city streets.

New Evidence Suggests Monsanto Larvicide Is To Blame For Birth Defects in Brazil

Zika virus may not be the culprit in huge increase in microcephaly cases but, rather, Monsanto larvicide used in Brazilian water supply.

Big Food Says They Will Label GMOs … But Is There More to the...

Consumers have no choice but to continue to demand GMO labeling without any compromises. We should be able to know what food we are putting in our mouths!

Noise Pollution May Be Harming the World’s Most Endangered Killer Whales

A new study shows that the din from large ships matches the frequencies used by Pacific Northwest orcas to find food and communicate with one another.

The final Obama doctrine? Racking up the body count

Obama officials have repeatedly expressed a commitment to killing large numbers of ISIS fighters. Will Trump take it even further?

Nestlé to be Sued Over Water Groundwater Extraction in California

Three environmental groups are pursuing legal action against Nestlé for continuing to extract groundwater with an expired permit in California during a drought.

Protests Spark Chaos at Trump Rallies in US

Trump has even defended John McGraw who punched a black demonstrator in North Carolina last week, saying, “He deserved it. The next time we see him, we might have to kill him.”