Thursday, October 22, 2020

Why the CIA is So Eager to Demolish Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling

The CIA is on a quest to gain more respect. Is the agency seeking a very harsh prison sentence for Jeffrey Sterling to serve as a warning to others?

Over 200 allegations of abuse of migrant children; 1 case of Homeland Security disciplining...

A federal judge found the department’s own records disturbing and ordered the names of the accused agents made public. Now, DHS has taken its fight against doing so to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Behind the media surge against Bernie Sanders

Like it or not, the battle over the future of the Democratic Party – including what kind of presidential nominee the party should have in 2020 – is already underway.

Routing the two-tier economy: Part I – transportation

As long as there are great wealth and poverty in our country, we will never get completely rid of two-tier systems.

Huawei, tech war and geopolitics

Expect the tech war and geopolitical struggle to continue.

Living in an age of desire and anxiety

What is causing this epidemic?


Since less than 1% of Amerikans earn mega millions each year, it is time for the 99+& of us to say 'Enough is enough'. Only then can we slowly rid our republic of those termites.

Another critical watchdog report: Rotten food, decaying mattresses at New Jersey ICE contract lockup

Prior Inspector General reports have found medical neglect and other violations at other immigrant detention centers.

Disaster gentrification in Puerto Rico

Paradise for a wealthy few, the continuation of a long colonial nightmare for the long neglected majority of Puerto Ricans.

Solidarity at the Stop & Shop

The workers of Stop & Shop only took to the picket lines after months of contract negotiations. They are mainly asking for their company not to cut their pensions or have increases their healthcare costs.