Friday, January 27, 2023

Monsanto loses millions of dollars after Indian farmers switch to indigenous seeds

Monsanto claims that the genetically modified cotton seeds they sell are superior. So why are so many people trying to switch?

Native nations gather in DC for 4-day protest against Trump, DAPL

The Dakota Access pipeline demonstration continues to inspire other pipeline fights around the country.

Poachers break into French zoo and kill rhino for its horn

Of the five rhino species in existence, all are currently on the endangered species list.

The true cost of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline

“This pipeline should've been rejected at the beginning and should not be constructed.”

WHO Report: One in four children die each year from unhealthy environments

Nearly 2 million children a year lose their lives to conditions caused by environmental pollution and hazards.

Koch-connected dark money funds much more than climate denial

It's time to unravel the network of science deniers who claim the mantle of science and expose them for what they are.

Trump administration attempting to cut leading climate science agency budget

Deep budget cuts to the NOAA and other climate science agencies could threaten public safety and academic programs.

Trump lied: Keystone XL now allowed to be built using imported steel

TransCanada’s success over Trump is what happens when you have an administration stacked with fossil fuel billionaires and a trade deal that enables corporate polluters to push their agenda at will.

Family receives $885K settlement after police kill their dog

The city of Hartford agreed to pay an $885,000 settlement to Harris and his daughter for both damages and a decade of legal costs.

Trump moves to repeal Obama’s Clean Water Rule

Now that Trump has taken this first step, further action against the EPA is likely to follow.